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The first women soccer world cup was held in 1991.

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Q: When was the 1st women soccer World Cup?
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Is there a women's World Cup soccer?

No there is not a Women's World Cup.

When was the last time the US Women's Soccer team won the World Cup?

The US Women's Soccer team last won the FIFA World Cup in 2015.

Who won World Cup soccer 2003?

There was no men's world cup in 2003. However, there was a women's world cup which was won by Germany.

Who won the 2011 world cup soccer?

There was no World Cup in 2011 for men. There was for women. It was won by Japan.

When and where will be the next World Cup in soccer?

This 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup will be held this year, 2011.

Where was the last women soccer World Cup at?

The last womens world cup was held in China in 2007.

Which is the 1st soccer world cup winner 1930?


When was the 1st world cup soccer match?

1930, in Uruguay

How many women Soccer players?

There is a FIFA women's world cup and several world women leagues. So a lot.

Can you Name all the woman's soccer teams form the 2009 soccer world cup?

The answer is that there is no Women's soccer World Cup in 2009. The first upcoming World Cup will be held in Germany in 2011. For more on national team soccer check

How long was the longest women's world cup soccer game?

the longest world cup game was 45 minutes

Who won the 2010 women's world cup soccer?

The last world cup in China in2007 was won by Brazil.

Which country won the women's world cup in soccer?

a player from arsnal

What is the name of the soccer World Cup?

Fifa soccer world cup

What women's world cup did they take off their shirt's?

Womens World Cup soccer. The US women took off their jersey's, don't worry they had something on underneath

What women soccer team holds the most world cup points?

It is Germany.

What did the US Women's soccer team win the World Cup?

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Who won the last women World Cup of Soccer?

The last womens world cup was held in China in 2007. Brazil won it.

Has Vietnam ever qualify for World Cup soccer or ever made the World Cup?

Yes, the Vietnam soccer team has qualified for World Cup soccer but has not made the World Cup.

How many times the US team won the women's World Cup championship?

The US women's national soccer team has won the World Cup twice (1991, 1999).

When did the United states first play in the world cup?

The men's United States soccer team first played in the World Cup in 1930. The women's United States soccer team first played in the World Cup in 1991.

When did America lose to the Japanese in the world cup soccer?

During the women's finals, 2010

Which women's soccer team win the fifa world cup 2011?

Japan won

Where did the US women's soccer team win the world cup in 2015?

In BC Place, Vancouver, Canada.

When was the first World Cup of soccer?

The first soccer world cup was in 1930, in Uruguay.