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Q: Which is the 1st soccer world cup winner 1930?
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When was the 1st world cup soccer match?

1930, in Uruguay

What country won the 1st FIFA World Cup in 1930?

Uruguay won the first world cup, in 1930.

Who is the 1st world cup winner?


When was the 1st women soccer World Cup?

The first women soccer world cup was held in 1991.

What year was the 1st world cup?

The world cup was held in 1930.

When was the 1st tournament of FIFA World Cup?

The 1st tournament of FIFA world cup was held in 1930, Uruguay.

Has the us men soccer team ever won a world cup?

USA has never won the World Cup. The furthest they have progressed was in 1930, when they came in 3rd. 1st place was Uruguay, 2nd place was Argentina, 3rd place was the USA, and 4th was Yugoslavia.

Who won the first World Cup in their country?

Uruguay 1930. the 1st world cup

When was the 1st time Mexico played in world cup?

1930 FIFA World Cup.

Where was the 1st FIFA World Cup?

The first world cup was held in 1930, in Uruguay.

Whos 1st filipeno winner to basketball game in the world?

Basketball is a team sport, there cannot be an individual Filipino winner.

Which country scored the 1st goal in the 1st world cup finals?

The first goal scored in the 1930 world cup was scored by France.

Top hundred sports in the world?

soccer is the most international, but unfortunately I do not have a link to the top 100. But I believe soccer is the 1st

Which country won the 1st FIFA world cup?

Uruguay won the first world cup in 1930.

When and where was the 1st FIFA World Cup held?

The first fifa world cup was held in Uruguay in 1930.

Who won the 1st ever World Cup?

The first F.i.f.A world cup was won by Uruguay in 1930.

In which year was the 1st World Cup hosted and where?

The first world cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. The hosts won it.

What team was placed 1st in group 4 in the 1950 soccer world cup?


Who do you think will win the 2010 soccer world cup?

australia, you heard it here 1st

Which year was the first football world cup held?

The 1st World cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay. It was also won by the hosts

Which 2 countries played the finals of the 1st soccer World Cup?

It was Uruguay verses Argentina.

Which country host the 1st world cup and when?

Uraguay hosted the WC in 1930 the first Fifa WC

Was the first of January 1930 in the 20's or the 30' s?

The 1st of January in ANY year is the first day of the new year. So Jan 1st of the new year 1930 is January 1st, 1930.

What team won the 1st World Cup?

Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2 in the first World Cup final in 1930.

When are the annual world darts championships?

The PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) holds its World Championships every year starting in December with the winner being named on January 1st.