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Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager was created in 1990.

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Q: When was Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager created?
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When did Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager happen?

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager happened in 1990.

When was Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match - video game - created?

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match - video game - was created in 1990.

When did Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match - video game - happen?

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match - video game - happened in 1990.

When will Liverpool sack Kenny Dalglish?

Liverpool sacked Kenny Dalglish as manager in mid 2012.

Who was liver-pools manager before Kenny dalglish?

The manager for Liverpool before Kenny Dalglish was Roy Hodgson, who was sacked and then made a move to manage Wigan Athletic.

Who was Liverpool football club manager the last time they won the league?

Kenny dalglish in 1990 Kenny dalglish in 1990

Who was the manager of Blackburn Rovers in 1995?

Kenny Dalglish

What is Kenny dalglish famous for?

Being a football player/manager.

When did Kenny daglish rejoin Liverpool?

Kenny Dalglish returned to Liverpool as the manager in January 2011.

Who was liver pools manager before Kenny dalglish?

Roy Hudson, He is currently the manager of England.

Who is manager of Liverpool fc?

As of the 2011-2012 season, Kenny Dalglish is the manager of Liverpool FC.

Who was Liverpool Football Club's Manager in 2011-2012?

Kenny Dalglish

In 1985 who became Liverpool's first player-manager?

Kenny Dalglish

Who will take over as manager after Kenny dalglish?

Brendan Rodgers from Swansea FC just made an official move to coach Liverpool FC after the sacking of Kenny Dalglish in April 2012.

Who has won most fa cups as manager?

Kenny Dalglish has won the most F.A cups as a manager.

Will Liverpool sack Kenny Dalglish?

Yes, they have. The current manager is Brendan Rodgers.

What nicknames does Kenny Dalglish go by?

Kenny Dalglish goes by King Kenny.

What is the birth name of Kenny Dalglish?

Kenny Dalglish's birth name is Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish.

Who is Liverpool football clubs manager?

It's Kenny Dalglish now as of Feb 2011

Is the owner of a pro soccer team also the manager?

No. The owner and the manager are two different people/jobs. The owner is in charge of everything. The teams manager is more of a coach and works on tactical things in training and games. For example; Liverpool FC owner is John Henry, and there manager is Kenny Dalglish

What is Kenny Dalglish's birthday?

Kenny Dalglish was born on March 4, 1951.

When was Kenny Dalglish born?

Kenny Dalglish was born on March 4, 1951.

How old is Kenny Dalglish?

Kenny Dalglish is 67 years old (birthdate: March 4, 1951).

When was Kenny Dalglish the Captain of Liverpool?

Kenny Dalglish was the Captain for Liverpool FC between 1979 and 1979.

Who has won the most international soccer caps for Scotland?

England or Chelsea or Liverpool I think it is Kenny Dalglish.