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The best time to throw the curve is when you have two strikes on a batter. If you have good enough control on the pitch you can throw it more often. If you dont have a lot of control avoid throwing it with 3 balls and/or baserunners on.

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Q: When the right time to throw a curveball in baseball?
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Baseball historians credit the invention of the curve to either Candy Cummings or Fred Goldsmith. Cummings pitched for six years in the major leagues between 1872-1877. He said he thought of the idea of the curveball while studying the movement sea shells made when thrown. He attempted to make the same motion with a baseball and in doing so created the curveball. Goldsmith was a pitcher in the U.S and Canada in the same time frame as Cummings. He was the first pitcher to demonstrate throwing it to members of the media in 1870.

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A left-handed throwing catcher would have a harder time throwing runners out at third, since it's easier to throw across your body, a right hander to his left, and a left hander to his right. This is the same reason that there are no left handed second basemen, shortstops, or third basemen, since their most common throw (to first base) is to their left. A left handed catcher would have an easier throw trying to pick a runner off first. Also, since most batters hit right handed, a left handed catcher would more commonly find the batter slightly in his way as he tried to throw down to second.

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