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I watched this happen yesterday between the Cubs and Dodgers.

It is a strike. It happened as a player was hit in the leg as they were squared up to bunt. His back foot was outside the batter's box and behind the plate, where he was struck with the pitch. It was called a strike.

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Q: When the batter is hit by a pitch outside of batter's box is he out?
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What is the official scoring when a batter makes contact while stepping out of the batters box?

If the batter is outside of the box when contact is made, the batter is out.

What is the penalty for a batter standing with one foot outside the batters box in little league?

In Little League, the batter is out if they hit the ball with one foot completely out of the batter's box. There is no penalty if they don't hit the ball. There could be a penalty on the pitcher if the reason the batter has a foot out of the box is because the batter didn't finish stepping into the box. A quick pitch is an illegal pitch which counts as a ball.

If a batter steps out of the batters box while the pitcher is delivering a pitch is it an automatic strike?


Is batter out if he gets hit by ball ouside batter box is he out?

if he is the batter and INSIDE the batters box he gets 1 st base.....if he is outside of the batters box then he does not get 1st base. it becomes a judgment call if the ump calls it a ball,strike or called time.

If a batter hits the ball with one foot outside the batters box is he out?

How do you mark it in a scorebook??

Is a batter out if he hits a pitch that bounces in fair territory and then hits him?

yes if is out of the batters box, otherwise it is a foul ball

Batter hits the ball with one foot out of the batters box?

The batter is out.

If the ball hits the bat when batter in moving out of the way of a bad pitch and the batter is out of the batters box or on the plate?

if the ball is hit by the bat out the box by accident it still counts as a hit ... if the batter hits the ball while on the plate it's an out ...

Is the batters box fair territory?

No, the batter's box is in foul territory.

What player takes position in the batters box?

The batter

What player takes the psotion in the batters box?

The batter.

Is a batter out when hits ball outside batter box?


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