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The first putt is counted as a putt, if the next shot is played from off the green or putted on from the fringe, it is not considered a putt.

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Q: When putting on the PGA Tour if the first putt goes off the green is the next stroke considered to be a putt?
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Is practice putting allowed after hole is completed?

Rule 7-2 provides a decision, a player must not make a practice stroke during the play of one hole. In between two holes they may not take a practice stroke, but may practice chipping or putting on or near the previous putting green, the practice putting green or the teeing ground. But no stroke may be taken from a hazard.

Can YOU practice putting on the green before you have putted your own ball into the hole?

No, this is not allowed, this would be known as testing the putting surface before taking your stroke and would come with a two stroke penalty. In matchplay you may putt on any green on the course prior to the beginning of your match, and after a hole is finished. But not before you take your stroke on any hole.

What is the procedure for putting if the 4th person is off the green but closer to the hole do those further away from the hole but on the green putt first?

If it's matchplay the player who is farthest away ALWAYS go first. If it is stroke play and a player is off the green, but closer than other players, you would usually offer him the chance to go first to come onto the green (that way, the pin can be taken out and kept out) But it is up to the player if they want to come on or not.

In golf what do you call the area of putting?

On each hole, it's just the green. The practice putting area is called the putting green.

In golf what do you call the area for putting called?

This is called a putting green. It can also be called a practice green.

What do you call the area for putting in golf?

The green.

How can one set up an indoor putting green?

To set up an indoor putting green is not as difficult as you thought. First find a good area in your home, basement is a perfect place, look up YouTube for instructions.

How much for a putting green?

Real estate prices always vary by location, hence, there is no standard price for a putting green.

When on the wrong green can you drop with out taking a stroke?


What is a golf stroke played on a green called?

A putt

If you are putting and the flag is removed but laid on the ground and your putt then strikes the flag and you reach for the flag and again knock your ball where is the next putt from and what penalty?

If you are putting from on the green you receive a two shot penalty in strokeplay or loss of the hole in matchplay. In stroke play the ball has to be played as it lies.

Where can one purchase a golf putting green?

There are several options available when you wish to purchase a portable putting green. Locally, The Home Depot sells indoor practice putting greens. Online you can purchase an indoor putting green from Amazon or eBay. For a large green, a specialty company such as Putters Edge can be contacted.

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