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No, this is not allowed, this would be known as testing the putting surface before taking your stroke and would come with a two stroke penalty. In matchplay you may putt on any green on the course prior to the beginning of your match, and after a hole is finished. But not before you take your stroke on any hole.

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Yes you can. It helps all players involved, also keeps others from hitting your ball.

Keeps fights down!

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Only if you have completed that hole, then yes, you are allowed to practice putt on that green as long as you do not unduly hold up play.

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Q: Can you chip on the green and mark your ball before someone else chips on the green?
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What happens if your ball is on the green and another player chips his ball unto the green and it knocks your ball into the hole and his ball goes in as well?

Your ball is replaced, as near as possible to where it was before it was moved, no penalty. Your opponent unfortunately has to play his ball as it lies, if it's in the water then so be it, he would have to take a penalty drop from the water.

In golf if your opponent's ball knocks your ball into the cup what is the ruling?

There are two scenarios; 1. On the green- If you and your opponent are on the green and he hits you ball and knocks it into the cup, or hits your ball at all, you replace your ball (to as near where it was before it was hit as possible) and he plays his from where it lies, and he shall receive a 2 shot penalty. 2. If your ball is on the green and your opponent is off the green and he hits yours, you replace your ball as near as possible to where you believe your ball was before he hit your ball. There is no penalty.

What color is the tennis ball before its green?

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If a ball is left in the hole on a green and another player putts into the hole is there any penalty?

There is no such rule to cover such an event. Just make sure there is no other ball in the hole, once someone has holed their shot, the ball should be removed before the next player plays.

If im hitting your ball and your partner is on green and you hit his ball and it goes in hole does that count as a birdy for him?

If you are off the green, and your partner's ball is on the green, you pitch on and you hit theirs and yours goes in it is counted as holed and they must replace their ball to where it was before you hit it. If you hit on and hit their ball and that goes in the hole, you play yours as it lies and you must replace their ball. If you are on the green and hit their ball it is a two shot penalty, or loss of hole in matchplay.

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Is the batter out if he touches someone before he reaches first base after hitting the ball or being forced to first on a walk?

After a walk, no. After hitting the ball, no, unless when he "touches" someone he is interfering with a play on a batted ball, in which case he could be called out for interference.

Is there any penalty for removing the ball from the hole before the pin when the ball has been holed from off the green?

The key thing to ensure happens is that you physically remove the ball from the hole with your hand. If you flick the ball out with the flag, the ball is not deemed to have been holed, so you have to play the ball from where the ball finishes.

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