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yes it will it will make you kick far and run fast.

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Q: When playing soccer do wearing soccer cleats make a difference?
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Can wearing your soccer cleats on the road mess them up?

wearing cleats on pavements does mess them up

What is the difference between soccer cleats and baseball cleats?

Baseball cleats have toes and soccer cleats don't

Is there a difference between soccer cleats and goalie cleats?

No, for T-ball you will want a pair of baseball cleats and for soccer you will want soccer cleats. they are made differnently, and for best results you will want to get cleats for each different sport. Cleats normally last 1-3 yrs so after that you might want to replace them.

Is there a difference between soccer and lacrosse cleats?

no i play lacrosse and wear soccer cleats

What's the difference between soccer cleats and football cleats?

No toe cleat on the soccer boot

Do soccer cleats protect the body when playing soccer?

soccer cleats are shoes for soccer if anything they protect ur feet but that's not what theyr for............