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Jersey/shirt, shorts, shin pads, socks, soccer cleats, and a soccer ball

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Q: What are the equipments for playing soccer?
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How expensive is soccer equipment?

Soccer equipments include Soccer nets, Soccer balls, field accessories, Coach equipments, Referee equipments, player equipments etc. The specific Cost of a Soccer Equipment is hard to determine because it all depends on the brand of the Equipment that you pick. So, obviously, every brand will quote a different price. Check out the below mentioned link for more details on the Soccer equipments.

What are the facilities and equipments of soccer?

soccer ball, cones, pennys, whistile, and more

What are the equipments and facilities of soccer?

Soccer is a game that involves lot of equipments. It involves separate equipments for a coach, a player and a referee. The equipments involved for a coach are Training walls, Disc cone hurdles, Speed hurdles, Practice cones, Folding sports benches etc etc. For a soccer Player, the equipments are entirely different. It involves Shin guards, Speed chute, Wrap tape etc etc. Whereas for a referee, the equipments will mainly involve whistles, flags etc.

What are the equipments in playing soft ball?

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What are the equipments needed in soccer game?

a ball, shin pads, and boots

What are equipments of soccer?

For goalkeepers: soccer cleats , gloves, long or short jerseys with integrated pads for protection, (same as pants Everybody else: soccer cleats, and a normal soccer uniform.

What are the equipments in playing table tennis?

a table and tennis

How can i get better at playing soccer?

you can get better at playing soccer by practicing.

What is a soccer ball for?

For playing soccer

Where is the art in soccer?

playing soccer

How do you get soccer cancer?

by playing soccer!

How did japan started playing soccer?

soccer was

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