When is technical foul happens?

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When a player or coach acts up really bad

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Q: When is technical foul happens?
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What happens if you foul out and stay on the court?

Technical foul

What happens when you get a second technical foul?

You Get Kicked Out

A player is on the bench when a technical foul is called on the opposing coach. Can this player be entered into a high school game to shoot the technical foul shot?

no that is not aloud you have to pick from the 5 you have on the court when the technical foul happens

What happens in basketball when you take a time out and you don't have anyleft?

You get a technical foul.

What happens to you if you get a technical foul in the nba?

You get a fine and a 1 game suspension

What happens if the wrong person shoots a free throw?

Technical Foul, but it probably never happens.....

What happens if you argue with an official?

Basketball: Technical Foul (Tech) Football: Penalty

What happens if you call a timeout but you have none left in college basketball?

technical foul

Do you lose possession after a technical foul?

yes if you commited the technical foul

Is a technical foul counted as a personal foul in high school basketball?

Yes, a technical foul is assessed as a personal foul in high school basketball.

What happens when you get a technical foul?

the fouled team gets one free throw and keeps the ball.

If a player is dribbling the ball and gets fouled then he commits a technical foul what happens?

The opposing team shoots the technical foul free throw, then the player does whatever he would have done after he was fouled - either inbound the ball, or if the opposing team is in the penalty, shoot two free throws. Committing a technical foul does not nullify or offset the original foul.

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