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On the block, they are allowed to play it again if possible and they can double a ball on a hard driven ball if the motion is one fluent motion.

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Q: When is a player allowed to touch the ball twice in volleyball?
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Can a player touch the ball twice if first touch was a block in volleyball?


What is it called when a player does not contact the ball cleanly in volleyball?

If they touch it twice, it is a double; if they touch it with the palm of their hand and lift it up, it is a lift

When is a player allowed to hit the volleyball twice?

If the player hits the ball, and the ball is blocked, that player may hit the ball again. Similarly, if the player blocks a ball, but it lands on the player's side of the court, that same player may touch the ball again.

What is meant by double touch in volleyball?

I'm pretty sure it is when the ball touches two parts of a player's body in succession, or when a player touches the ball twice in a row.

Can a volleyball player hit the ball twice?


Can a volleyball player hit the ball twice in a row?


Can you hit a volleyball twice in a row if you and another player contact the ball at the same time?

If both players actually touch the ball, then yes, normally you are allowed to touch it again immediately after. However, if the other person's arms are under you and don't actually contact the ball with you, you may not touch it again immediately afterwards.

What is a doublehit in volleyball?

A double hit in volleyball is when the same player contacts the ball twice without another player touching the ball.

When can a player hit the ball twice in a row in volleyball?

never and when the ref doesn't see you hit it twice.

What happens if the player deliberately strikes the ball twice with the paddle?

there are no paddles in volleyball

Can a player hit the ball twice in a row when playing volleyball?

no a player can only hit the ball once

What is double in volleyball?

When one player hits the ball twice in a row, which is a illegal move.

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