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it is always the first pitch

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Q: When is a pitcher in a baseball game the pitcher of record to begin an inning Is it during his warm up tosses Or is it the first pitch to the first batter?
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How does an inning in baseball start?

With a pitcher pitching to a batter who is trying to hit the ball and it starts with either him getting out, getting a hit, or getting walked.

What is the scoring percentage if a pitcher walks the first batter in an inning?

50 percent

Can you replace a pitcher after pitching to a batter?

Yes. A pitcher may be removed and replaced by another at any point during a defensive half inning, regardless of if the pitcher has commenced an at bat or not. ---------- Above answer is not completely correct. The starting pitcher, and any replacement pitcher, must pitch to at least one batter before that pitcher can be removed...except due to injury or illness.

Can a pitcher be removed the same inning he starts?

Yes. But he has to face at least 1 batter.

What is the minimum number of active baseball players on a field during any part of an inning?

10 - 9 fielders and the batter.

Can a pitcher re-enter the game in high school baseball?

yes only if the coach did not take him completely out of the game during the middle of an inning

What does MRP mean in baseball?

Middle Relief Pitcher. A pitcher who goes in around the 5th - 7th inning.

How many trips to the mound may a manager make before the pitcher has to come out?

The manager may only visit the pitcher one time each inning and have that pitcher remain in the game. The manager cannot visit the pitcher more than once during the same at-bat. If the manager visits the pitcher twice in one inning, a new pitcher must be brought in. If the manager visits the pitcher twice in the same at-bat, the pitcher must pitch to the batter, and then a new pitcher must be brought in.

Can a pitcher change pitching arms during a game or inning?

Inning---but not during an at bat. Although ambidextrous pitchers are extremely rare.

Why is the pitcher considered the most important defensive player on the team in baseball?

The pitcher in baseball at all levels of the game is vital to the defensive of the team. This holds true for youth baseball, college and professional baseball as well. Generally speaking the pitcher is the most important defensive player because he is involved with every single play in the inning pitched. The same is true for the team catcher, however, the pitcher must throw his pitch in a manner that prevents a batter from getting on base. If a pitcher cannot make most batters draw a strike or have the batter hit the ball to one of his teammates then the defense is in trouble.

Is it legal in baseball for a coach to talk to his pitcher on the mound between innings?

Yes it is. The game is paused however this is not done due to the coach being able to talk to the pitcher during the previous half inning.

Has there ever been a pitcher with 5 strikeouts in an inning?

In Major league baseball, there has never been a pitcher who recorded 5 strikeouts in an inning as of August 13th 2012.

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