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When a player is on a break-away with no defense between him and the goalie, and he's tripped, hooked, or anything that causes him to lose control and is considered a penalty, he is awarded a penalty shot.

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Q: When is a penalty shot awarded in ice hockey?
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Penalty shot awarded in ice hockey?

yes there is a penalty shot awarded in ice hockey when a player is on a break away and is tripped or interfered with from behind.

What is a free kick called in ice hockey?

It is called a penalty shot.

What sport do you use the term penalty shot?

The term penalty shot is used in ice hockey and polo. In soccer, the term penalty kick is used.

In ice hockey is a penalty shot considered a shot on goal?

I am pretty sure that a penalty shot is considered a shot on goal; however, shots from a shoot out do NOT count as a shot on goal.

Does a penalty shot goal count for a hat trick in ice hockey?

Yes, Yes it does

Can you chose between a penalty and the penalty shot in ice hockey?

No, a penalty shot is called when a player has a clear breakway and is obstructed in any illegal way. When a referee calls a penalty shot, there is no choice, the player who was obstructed must take the shot.

What happens if you throw your stick in hockey?

In ice hockey, if you throw it at some one to poke the puck away or trip them, I believe that it's a penalty or a penalty shot. In field hockey, you will probably be given a yellow card, along with the appropriate penalty.

Can a hockey player cover a puck on the back of the goalie?

No, skaters cannot intentionally cover the puck or else it's a 2:00 delay of game penalty against the player. If the puck is covered by a skater in the crease, a penalty shot is awarded to the opposing team. The crease is the painted area in front of the goal, and that area extends upward from the ice surface up to infinity. (Think of a half cylinder extending upwards from the ice.) If a defending skater cups his hand around the puck or otherwise covers it while in this "half cylinder" a penalty shot is awarded. The puck does not have to be touching the ice.

What is power play in ice hockey?

A power play is when the opposing team has a penalty. a penalty is when you have a penalty and are trying to kill it off.

Are you allowed to hit people in ice hockey?

It depends. In men's ice hockey you are allowed to hit people. In woman's ice hockey you can get a 2 minute minor penalty for body checking.

What is a penalty box in ice hockey?

A box between benches that a player has to sit in for the duration of his penalty time

What are the best ice hockey films?

Slap Shot

How many men are on the ice on an ice hockey team?

12 including goalies unless there is a penalty.

Where must a player sit after a foul in ice hockey?

They sit in the penalty box.

Can a ice hockey goalie throw his stick?

No throwing your stick will result in a penalty.

Is it possible to get a major penalty for elbowing in ice hockey?

No but if it rally bad yes.

What penalty prevents a player to finish the game in ice hockey?

A game misconduct.

Where is the best spot on the ice to shot and score a goal in hockey?

In the slot (with a quick shot)

In ice hockey i is a delayed penalty entered on the scoresheet against the player?

Yes it is because it is still a single person penalty.

What is the minus for a penalty during hockey play?

you get one player off the ice usually for about two minutes during the penalty

What ice hockey words start with the letter d?

Ice hockey terms that start with the letter d: deke: a move to fake out the oppositiondelay of gamedelayed penalty

What is a trophy on ice?

The Stanley Cup is awarded to the winner of the NHL. (National Hockey League)

What is a wrister?

A wrister is a wrist shot in ice hockey, a shot made with a distinct wrist motion.

Who serves a goalie penalty in hockey?

Minor and major penalties will be served by one of the players (for the offending team) that was on the ice at the time of the penalty.

What is the penalty for committing an infraction in the game of ice hockey?

when you break a rule, you go to the penalty box for 2 minutes (for most penalties)