When does the jump ball begin?

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The jump ball starts at the beginning of the game when the referee throws the ball up in the air.

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Q: When does the jump ball begin?
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How does a basket ball game begin?

a jump ball

In a full court of basketball how would it begin?

A basketball match has 5 players from each team at a time on the court. In the centre ring, a player from each team will begin in 'jump ball'. This means that an umpire will throw a ball up and the player doing jump ball will try to tap the ball in the air to a player from their own team. This is how it begins.

What does the game of basketball begin with?

The game starts with a jump ball where both teams line-up around the center circle and one member from each team attempts to jump up and tap the ball to their team.

Does a ball jump higher on grass or on dirt?

a ball can't jump

Can a jump ball be re done?

It is possibly for a jump ball to be re done, but it has to be in emergency situations for example, when they do the jump ball and the lights go out, they will redo the jump.

What is Jump Ball Area?

The jump ball area is in the centre of the basketball court.

Who get the ball at the start a of each quarter?

1st qtr- winner of the jump ball 2nd qtr- team who lost the jump ball 3rd qtr- team who lost the jump ball 4th qtr- team who won the jump ball

What means to begin or to jump in surprise or fright?

What does to begin or to jump in suprise or fright mean

Is it considered a steal in basketball when there is a jump ball and change of possession?

If they actual jump ball takes place then yes. If the jump ball results in an alternating possession then no steal is awarded.

Held ball in basketball?

Results in a jump ball.

How does any game of basketball begin?

The game begins by with a jump ball, the Referee tosses the ball into the air, as it comes down one player from each team jumps upward inn an attempt to tap the ball to a teammate.

Which player jumps for the ball in basketball?

Normally, the center would. But in the case of a jump ball, the player that was fighting for possession of the ball will jump.( what he said)

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