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tennis ball

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Q: What will jump higher a baseball or a tennis ball?
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What bounce higher hot tennis ball or cold tennis balls?

stupid people hi i will tell you today the answer tennis hot ball jump higher because it is more compressible flexible than a cold tennis ball also hot ball has more mass than a cold ball so peace outand doYOUR HOMEWORK.

Does a ball jump higher on grass or on dirt?

a ball can't jump

Do tennis shoes make you jump higher?

It is easier to jump higher in lighter shoes so it depends on the shoe.

Name all kinds of sports?

Hockey, Soccer, Ice hockey, Netball, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Rugby, Touch, Volly ball, beach vollyball, Running, Shot put, high jump, long jump and theres lots more.

How do people get grand slams in tennis?

They jump into the wide open air and forcefully swing the racket down hard on the tennis ball.

What is the best thing to drink during tennis matches?

make noises a jump as you hit the ball

How does the type of shoe I wear affect how high I can jump?

If you have tennis shoes/sneakers on then you will be able to jump higher than if you were in heels or sandals/flip flops.

Why do tennis player bend their knees in a serve?

To hit the ball harder, add spin and strike the ball higher and closer to the net to create a better angle into the service box, which increases the margin of error. Bending the knees to jump upward when serving is where most of the power comes from.

Can you list 10 Olympic sports?

Archery, Swimming, long jump, high jump, qymnastics, track, tennis, baseball, boating, and BMX biking!

How do you beat mission 4 of Zack and Cody circle of spies?

1. Using Zack shoot tennis balls at the spy 2. Using Zack jump on the bed and aim the tennis ball shooter at the ceiling and shoot the pannels. Then jump up there

When running back is running the ball how high can he jump over another player?

No higher than the ankles

Can a jump ball be re done?

It is possibly for a jump ball to be re done, but it has to be in emergency situations for example, when they do the jump ball and the lights go out, they will redo the jump.

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