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after you get deuce and the server wins the point. You call it 'ad in'

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Q: When does advantage server occur in tennis?
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In tennis who has the advantage AD IN?

the server

What does it mean when the score is advantage in in tennis?

the server has the advantage to win the game after deuce

What comes after deuce in tennis?

Advantage in if the server wins the point and advantage out if the returner wins the point.

In tennis if the serving team earns the first point after deuce is the score called ad out?

No. If the server wins the point at deuce, it is advantage-in for the server. If the server loses the point after deuce it is advantage-out.

What is ad in and ad out?

advantage in favor of the server in tennis; advantage in favor of the receiver. Terms used after a deuce, i.e., 30-all.

In tennis does the server have advantage?

yes because u can ace the person but the person can double fault so it evens

What is the advantage of configuring a server as a DHCP server?

There is no advantage to configuring a server to run DHCP - the advantage is to the clients that are requesting IP addresses.

What is an ad-in in tennis?

Okay, so lets say it was deuce. Then I was the server, and I won the point you call it ad-in meaning its MY advantage.. But if you win the point, it's called ad-out- that means its YOUR advantage.

What is the advantage of break point in tennis?

The advantage of break point is where the server is down 30-40 in points, and the receiver has the chance to win the game (not the entire match, just the single game).

When was Advantage Database Server created?

Advantage Database Server was created in 1993-08.

How do you win a game in tennis?

By winning 4 points. If both people win 3 points en it goes to deuce. From deuce it goes advantage to you or the opponent then if it is advantage server and the server loses it goes back to deuce. So from deuce you have to win two points in a row.

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