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Sport is singular. Baseball is a sport. The sport of Surfing. Be a good sport about it. Sports is plural I like to play sports. Sports are good exercise.

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Q: When do you use the words sport and sports?
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What sports do you use power in?

the sport you use power in is Football

What sport does not use geometry?

..all sports

What sport words start with L?

Luge is a Winter Olympics sport. Lacrosse and long jump are sports.

What are some sports that use caddies?

Golf is one sport.

What type of sport do you use a stick?

You use a stick in the sports of ice hockey and lacrosse.

What sports use body composition?

football and swimming are sport that use body compostion.

Why is it Le sport and not les sports?

'Le sport' (singular) means sports at large. J'aime le sport (I like sports generally speaking). Ex: Le sport est bénéfique pour la jeunesse (doing sports is good for youths). There is very little difference with 'les sports', although you use the plural to sub-categorize sports, as 'les sports équestres' (horse-related sports), 'les sports nautiques' (nautical sports), 'les sports d'hiver' (winter sports), etc...

Do you say good in sports or good at sports?

You say good at sports because you cannot be in a sport. You can be involved in a sport but not good in sports!

What is sport gear?

The equipment you would use while playing sports.

What sports would you use balance in?

Gymnastics would be one sport.

What sports use endurance?

any sport that is long distance. examples, marathons and swimming laps are endurance sports.

What sport use the creatine phosphate system?

The sports that use the creatine phosphate system are fast sudden movement sports such as javelin, shot putt, discuss,etc...

What muscles do you use when playing sports?

This varies widely depending upon what sport, and depending upon the sport, what position you are playing.

Is it weird to use a soccer bag for basketball?

Probably not. You can use any sports bag for any sport. It doesn't have to be in the sport that you're doing right now.

What sport uses the term stutz?

There are multiple sports that use the term slash. It is a penalty that is used in sports such as hockey, and lacrosse

Ten questions on sports?

1. what is sport? 2. how do you play sport? 3. how was sport invented? 4. where is sport played? 5.who plays sport? 6. why is sport played? 7. why do people watch sport? 8. do sports play different sports? 9. who likes sport? 10. who dislike's sport?

How are the sports grouped?

well a sports a sport, unless its dancing, thats not a sport

French words for je fais sports?

je fais du sport

What sports do you use Reaction Time?

Every sport uses reaction time.

What sport do use your Trapezius in?

your trapizius is good for sports such as golf, baseball and cricket

How many sports teams use Indian names?

about 456.3 sport teams use Indian names

What sport is a Canadian sports team?

If they are Canadian and a sports team - they can be any sport they want.

What is the history of individual sports?

The history of individual sports depends on the sport studied. All sports have a completely different history that is unique to that sport.

What is the difference between sport and sports?

Well sport is supposed to refer to one sport and sports is plural and is meant to talk of more than one sport

What is one more interesting fact about international sports and its use of the metric system?

International sport is not used in the metric system, although international sport does use the metric system.

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