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Probably not. You can use any sports bag for any sport. It doesn't have to be in the sport that you're doing right now.

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Q: Is it weird to use a soccer bag for basketball?
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Is soccer similar to Basketball?

No because soccer yo can't use your hands and in basketball you have to use your hands.

What did people use before the basketball to play basketball?

they used a soccer ball

How and why did the use of a soccer ball in basketball games evolve to the modern basketball?

Because they didnt have a basketball designed yet so they used a soccer ball.

Compare and contrast basketball and soccer?

compare- use balls,contrast- soccer uses feet basketball uses hands

What sports use agility?

Football, basketball, soccer.

What did James A Naismith use as a basketball?

a soccer ball

What is the weight difference between a basketball and a soccer ball?

Beacause in soccer you use your feet the ball can't be as hard as it might be in basketball when you only use your hands.

What are the main differences between basketball and soccer?

1. In basketball, there is a basket hoop thing and insoccer, there is goal net thing.2. In basketball, they use a basketball and in soccer, there is a soccerball.3. In basketball, they wear jordans or sneakers and in soccer, they wear cleats

Can puffles use other puffels toys on club penguin?

Nope, they only use the toys they play with it. It matches their personality. Just like asking a Basketball player to play soccer, they think its weird.

Why do people us a soccer ball for soccer?

Just the reason they use a basketball in basketball or a golf ball in Golf. To give uniformity to the game.

Can you compare and contrast soccer and basketball?

yes. well soccer has 11 players while basketball has 5 players. Similarities: both sports use balls. Basketball is a indoor sport and soccer is a outdoor sport. Both sports are played with a ball.

How do you spell soccer and basketball in french?

French people use the word Basketball. Soccer is said "football", just as many European languages including British English.

What kind of equipmint did the first basketball players use?

A bucket and a soccer ball

What did they use for a basketball when they first started playing?

They used to use a soccer ball as the basketball and a peach basket as the basket the referee would have to climb up and get the soccer ball out of the basket each time someone scored.

What is the odd one out soccer badminton exercise basketball?

Badminton the rest use balls

What is a harder soccer or basketball?

Soccer, you have to have much more endurance, you cant use your hands, and instead of only 5 defenders, there are 11.

Is it weird to use a laptop bag as a school bag?

yes it is werud to use a laptop top bag as a bookbag because you would look werid and you would probaly get made fun of. but if you want to be your indivadal style go for it

What kind of ball did James Naismith use for basketball?

He used a soccer ball at first then he changed it.

What did James naismith use to play basketball?

he used 2 peach baskets and a soccer ball.

Where is sound used in sports?

Referees in football, basketball and soccer use a whistle for various signals.

Did the Aztecs Indians create basketball?

I think they helped create basketball but I think it was more appealing to soccer because they can't use there hands and can only use the hip things.

What item was used as the first basketball?

When Dr. Naismith invented basketball he didn't have a 'basketball' to use. So, he looked around his gymnasium and decided that a soccer ball was the right size and he used that.

What is the use of geometry in sports?

the angle that players kick in soccer the angle they swing the bat in baseball the angle they shoot in basketball soccer balls have pentagons and hexagons on them

What was the first basketball made out of?

AnswerIn the earlier times basketball was played with a soccer ball than later on got changed into the ball we use now.Lynette Bluebird

Where can you find information on the history of basketball?

my name is Ty and I have some history of basketball. The history of basketball is that James Naismith used to use a soccer-ball and peach basket to Invent baksetball. Then he started to think of something else besides an soccer-ball to use and he decided to Design that would be fit for the rest of the game. Edited By T_louie8