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The modern Olympics started in 1896 in Greece and since 1900 they take place in other countries

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Q: When did the Olympic games start taking place in other countries?
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Why did they create the olympic games?

to unite with other countries

When did other countries start to compete in the Olympic games?


Why were the olympic games boycotted?

The 1980 Olympic games in Moscow were boycotted by the US and several other countries because of the Soviet Union's invasion of Afganistan. The 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles were boycotted by the Soviet Union and several other countries basically as payback for the previous boycott.

Which Russians compete in the olympic games?

Micheal Phelps - Needs Improvement Olympic games of what year? Usially they are sportsmen as any others from other countries

What country led the boycott of other countries in 1980 olympic games in moscow?


What is a flame lit into in memory of ancient Olympic games to present games?

a bowl holding flamable stuff is lit with the olympic touch after its been carried to other countries.

What was the total attendance to the last Olympic Games?

The total attendance of the last Olympic Games (2012) was about 3 million people from the UK, US and dozens of other countries out there in the world.

How many countries are eligible in the olympic games?

I believe it is currently 205. The IOC allows territories of other countries to have their own National Olympic Committee so there are such "countries" as American Samoa and British Virgin Islands competing.

What Olympic Games were boycotted by the US?

The 1980 Summer Olympics was boycotted by the U.S. and 64 other countries.

What are the similarities between modern Olympic games and Greek Olympic games?

Greek Olympic Games inspired modern Olympic Games. One similaritty is the time between the events. In old Greek, Olympic Games happens every year, but only each four years happens the Olympic Games dedicated to Zeus, the major god in Olimpo. Other similaritie is the competittion between regions, today, countries. Other point is the competittion in running, the oldest sport in Olympic Games. More than that, the fire to make open the event is inspired in old Greek.

Were there any other olympic games in the ancient time?

No. There were no Olympic games beside the on from Olympia.

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games?


Did USA compete in Olympics in 1980?

The US and 64 other countries boycotted the 1980 olympic games because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Why were the Axis Powers imperialistic?

They where constantly taking over other countries a and all had emperors. Imperialism is the taking over of other countries.

Why did greeks hold the olympic games?

The first Olympic games were held in Greece as a way to bring people together and show who was better. This was so the people who won could have bragging rights without having countries go to war and kill each other.

Will Mario and sonic ever meet each other?

Olympic Games, Olympic Winter Games, and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

What is the summer Olympic sports?

Its a series of national games held every 4 years where ever country in the world submites their top athletic competitors in their country to the olympic games to compete against other countries for a metel. The olympic games were invented in ancient Greece but lost until people came together back in the late 1800s to start them again.

Did any other countries compete in the Ancient Greece Olympic Games?

Yes... Mongolia, the USA, and the People's Republic of the Congo were all participants. The games inluded ball throwing and fish wrestling.

How many countries compete in the Olympic Games?

On the XXIX Olympiad in Bejing, there are 204 countries and territories competing. Of the 192 UN recognized countries, the only country not to have entered is Brunei, having failed to submit any athletes. All other countries have entered.

Has Fiji ever hosted the olympic games?

No, Fiji has never hosted the Olympic Games.

Why are the olympic games only held in rich countries?

Since 1984, NO Olympic games has every made a profit. Therefore, it is a losing money just to host it. The money is not a complete lost for the rich countries because they get international fame. Poor countries are not good candidate cities because 1) No tourist likes a poor; dirty area 2) they don't already have the land to build the stadium 3) they have to deal with other political problems before even having time to consider the Olympic games.

What are some Olympic athletes we have today that were inspired by other Olympic athletes?

us we inspire many athletes to compete for our countries

What are the official languages of the olympic games?

French and English. However, the other language(s) used at the Olympic games is the language(s) of the host country.

What are the objectives of Olympic games?

The Olympic games are a chance for young people all over the world to meet other athletes and build sportsmanship and friendship.

What are the olympic games and how did they originate?

the Olympic games originated from one of the celebrations of the 10 favours of Hercules this festival included the games of veresing each other in a fight,running and chariot racing