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A long time ago.

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: When did other countries start taking part in the Ancient Olympics?
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When did the Olympic games start taking place in other countries?

The modern Olympics started in 1896 in Greece and since 1900 they take place in other countries

What other ancient Olympics are held?


What were the running events in the ancient olympics?

There was only on running event played in the Ancient Olympics, the short sprint from one side of the stadium to the other.

How has the ancient Olympics influnced the modern Olympics?

I Think That The Impact Is That If There Were No Modern Olympics There Would Be No Modern Olympics. Also, The Games From The Ancient Olympics Are In The Modern Olympics Today .. ! One Other Thing Is That EveryOne Still Talks About The Ancient Olympics Today And Its Just Soo Big Every Single Place Around The World .... ! .. <3 -Marissa

Which sports where in ancient Olympics but are no longer in the modern Olympics?

lion fighting fighting each other

What countries will be in 2012 Olympics?

Same as the 2008 Olympics, and the 2004 Olympics, and the Olympics before that. and every other 4 years since the Olympics started.

What did they do in the Olympics?

The Olympics consists of various sports. Athletes that go to the Olympics are the best of the best. They compete with athletes from other countries.

Who competed in the Olympics in Ancient Greece?

they competed other greeks

Why were the Axis Powers imperialistic?

They where constantly taking over other countries a and all had emperors. Imperialism is the taking over of other countries.

What colours do the other countries all wear in the olympics?

There are many different colors that other countries all wear in the Olympics. These colors include blue, red, orange, green, black, and many others.

What happened when ancient Olympics got cancelled?

Other sporting events continued.

Where there any other contests like the Ancient Greek Olympics?

they are around us every day... wrestling is a game that was held in greek Olympics

Which countries have attended all the Olympics?

I know Australia has and then there is some conjecture as to which other countries have. Other countries proposed as having attended all are great britain, France and Greece.

Why did they bring back the Olympics?

The Olympics were brought back in order to encourage competition between countries. It gives countries a way of comparing each other's capabilities through friendly games.

In which order do the countries walk into the Olympics and why in that order?

Greece is first (since it's the original home of the Olympics), followed by the other countries in alphabetical order, and then the host nation comes at the end.

What sports did ancient Greeks play in the Olympics?

They played the high jump and other sports

The countries attending the 2010 Olympics states there will be 80 plus countries however on your list is only shows 43 countries. What other countries are attending?


What was the crown that the Greeks gave to the country that won the Olympics made out of?

In Ancient Greece, only Greek athletes participated. It would usually be against other athletes not countries. The highest honor was the olive branch crown.

Who are the founders of hospitality industry?

The first civilization to use hospitality to encourage guests was the Ancient Greeks. During the Greek Olympics, people from other countries were given food and lodging so they could watch the games.

What did ancient Egyptians have that other countries wanted?


In ancient India who were responsible for exporting goods to other countries?


What would you where if you were in the ancient Olympics?

in the ancient greek caulture you would most likely where ur everyday cloths like robes and other things.

What other countries play softball?

Other countries that play softball include China, Australia, and Japan. Softball is played in the Olympics and is very popular in America.

Why were women not allowed to participate in the ancient Olympics?

because it was all nude for the boys in the olympics and all married women might see other peoples parts

What is one way that the president cannot influence or control other countries?

through taking control of the elections of other countries.