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Basketball was invented in the US. wiki James Naismith of Springfield, Mass

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Q: When did basketball come to the US?
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What channel does us Olympics basketball come on?

BBC 1 then click red and select basketball that way (UK only)

What sports came from the US?


Number Of Basketball players in the US?

According to there 26.9 million Basketball players that participated in the US.

How does gravity affect the bounce of a basketball?

Gravity affects the bounce of a basketball because if there is gravity, the basketball will come back down after it bounces. But if there is no gravity, the basketball will bounce and travel indefinitely upwards and never come back down until a gravitational force pulls the basketball towards it.

What is the simple subject in sentence basketball is an important sport in the US?


When did basketball started in the us?

The first game of basketball was played in 1891.

What sports were not invented in US?

Soccer and Rugby was not invented in US

Why did the US basketball team come 2nd in the 1988 Olympics when they always got gold?

because the other team tried harder

When did basketball come out?

when i whent to the shops to buy a basketball i played with it and through it through a hoop

What has basketball come to be?

Basketball has come to be a popular sport in which some lucky men are able to utilize their extreme height to earn millions of dollars.

What is the US premier professional mens basketball league?

The National Basketball Association.

When do the NCAA basketball rankings come out?

The NCAA rankings come out every Monday for basketball. 1:00 pm eastern time on Sundays for football

What sport is easy to get into a pro?

Basketball because almost all basketball players come from the U.S.

How was basketball offers health for a person?

Exercise come from basketball. It can help you cut down on fat.

When did the game of Basketball come about in the US?

James Naismith revolutionized the game of basketball in America. He instituted thirteen rules that made the game what we know today. With his changes, the United States army and the YMCA helped spread the game.

What is the number one sport in the US basketball or soccer?

In the US, basketball is more popular than soccer. The four major sports in the US are American football (NFL), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA) and ice hockey (NHL).

What countries team is the world champion in basketball?

The US won the Olympics in men's basketball in the year of 2008. They are the best in basketball.

Who was the first woman in the US to play basketball?

The roots of women basketball lead us back to Senda Berenson number 8.

What sport does the term travel come from?


What is the daily routine of a basketball player?

come on

Who invented basketball in the US in 1935?

basketball ball was invented in 1891 by James Naimsmith

How many college basketball teams are there in the US?

There are 336 teams in men's college basketball.

Is tripping a foul in NCAA basketball?

Probably yes... i play basketball and they call it on us...

When did US Basketball League end?

United States Basketball League ended in 2008.

When was US Basketball League created?

United States Basketball League was created in 1985.