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Soccer and Rugby was not invented in US

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Q: What sports were not invented in US?
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What Olympic sports were invented by the US?

Skateboarding and beach volleyball....the aliens created all the other sports. ROCK CHALK PLANO

Famous sports played in Mexico?

what are sports that Mexico invented

What sports do you do in Africa?

Many sports are played through out Africa. Some sports, in fact many American sports are shared in Africa.Some sports they have that we do not include cricket. Popular sports are golfing,surfing,running,rugby,hockey,boxing and swimming. These all were noot invented in the US and shared with Africa, but invented in different parts of the world, and our two continents enjoy them.All of these sports can take a huge part in Africa's culture, and enjoyed in their land as in ours. :)

Does Scotland have any invented games and sports?

Golf, shinty, curling and mountaineering are all sports invented by Scots and basketball was invented by the son of two Scottish immigrants.

When was the Olympic sports invented?


What were some of the first sports to be invented?

# # # == ==

How did sports begin?

When people invented it!

Who invented sports?

The British and Indians.

When were sports drinks invented?


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What sports were invented in AD?

Baseball and Football.