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when i whent to the shops to buy a Basketball i played with it and through it through a hoop

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โˆ™ 2011-08-30 20:43:32
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Q: When did basketball come out?
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How does gravity affect the bounce of a basketball?

Gravity affects the bounce of a basketball because if there is gravity, the basketball will come back down after it bounces. But if there is no gravity, the basketball will bounce and travel indefinitely upwards and never come back down until a gravitational force pulls the basketball towards it.

What has basketball come to be?

Basketball has come to be a popular sport in which some lucky men are able to utilize their extreme height to earn millions of dollars.

When do the NCAA basketball rankings come out?

The NCAA rankings come out every Monday for basketball. 1:00 pm eastern time on Sundays for football

When did basketball come to the US?

basketball was invented in the US. wiki James Naismith of Springfield, Mass

What sport is easy to get into a pro?

Basketball because almost all basketball players come from the U.S.

How was basketball offers health for a person?

Exercise come from basketball. It can help you cut down on fat.

What sport does the term travel come from?


What is the daily routine of a basketball player?

come on

What year did basketball come about?

Basketball first came about in early December 1981.

What place did GB come in Basketball?

In the men's basketball they came 9th in London 2012 Olympic Games

What year did the movie Love abd Basketball come out?

The movie, Love and Basketball, came out in April of 2000.

When do the 2009-2010 NCAA basketball schedules come out?

Basketball schedules for next year are released depending on the team. I've noticed that they usually come out mid summer.

When does NCAA basketball 11 come out?

Ea has cancelled Ncaa basketball 11 sadly. But 2k might make some college basketball game but until then there will be no more college basketball video games. :(

Where does international basketball star Nene come from?


What sport does the saying feed you the rock come for?


What do you do to be come a basketball player?

You sign up at a Basketballteam.

Wher did basketball come from?

in 1891 in america (springfeild)

What basketball teams come from Indiana?

The Indiana Pacers

Who is the worst basketball player to come out of los Fresnos Texas?

There has been some arguments about this but there has been a decision that Hociel Garcia is the worst Basketball player to come out of here by far.

Why was the basketball net invented?

The basketball net was invented because when they use the peach baskets the ball couldn't come through and they would have to climb up and get the basketball out of the basket.

What channel does us Olympics basketball come on?

BBC 1 then click red and select basketball that way (UK only)

Do you have to go to college to be a basketball player?

No you dont have to have played colledge basketball to play pro> you can come on as a free agent

Where did the name basketball come from?

james naismith invented basketball by using a peach basket that kids had to put a yarn ball in.

When do ncaa basketball rankings come out?

The NCAA rankings come out every Monday for Basketball. 1:00 pm eastern time on Sundays for football

Where did Miami Heat basketball team come from?

it came from the boston