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Q: What sport does the saying feed you the rock come for?
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Is indoor rock climbing an extreme sport?

Indoor rock climbing is not a extreme sport. Outdoor rock climbing is

How do rock lobsters eat?

Feed on almost anything that they come across without fear of most predators.

Did basketball come from another sport?

it came from a game called duck on a rock invented by Jame Naismith in the winter

Is rock climbing a competitive sport?

Rock climbing is not a sport at all nor is it competitive. It would be classes as an activity.

What do people do when rock climbing?

Rock climbing is a sport. As with any sport you do not do anything else whilst engaged in that sport. Particularly so with extreme and dangerous sports.

Why does sport rock?

sport rocks because it get you active and you have lots of fun.

What sport do you throw a rock at a house?

that's actually not a sport! IT IS CALLED CHAVING

Is rock paper scissors a sport?


When do rock lobsters feed?


Is rock wall climbing a sport?


What sport uses a broom and a rock?


What is a sport that includes rocks in it?

Rock Climbing

Where is rock come back?

The Rock will come back this year

Why do people say you rock?

because "back in the day" rock and roll was the best. so everyone started saying you rock. they mean that youre cool because rock and roll was cool. it caught on and now people are saying it today.

Is rowing the oldest sport?

There has to be a million things older than rowing. Swimming would have come before that, or tag, rock throwing/skipping (ya, that's a sport), climbing, fire making.... Hunting would have to be the first, in my intuitive opinion.

What is the rocks WWE saying?

the rock is cooking

Is rock climbing a competetive sport yes or no?


What are your best subjects at school and why?

sport because i rock

What is the first sport played?

catch. with a rock. the cavemen.

What is Jennifer stones favorite sport?

rock climbing

Why is rock paper scissors a sport?

because im in it

Where did molten rock come from?

Molten rock are come from volcanic in the past, or the lava chambers. Another call of molten rock are igneous rock.

Melted rock that has come out of a mountain is?

The molted rock that has come out of a mountain is called magma.

Does LEGO rock band come with instruments?

No. Lego Rock Band Does not come with Instruments.

Who sing rock your body come come rock your body?

Black Eyed Peas

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