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A goal keeper can not do it when he is out side of the 18 yard line mark.

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Q: When can't a goalkeeper take kick out from his hands?
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Can a goalkeeper kick a penalty kick?

Yes, a goalkeeper can take penalties.

Can a goalkeeper take a kick in the corner?

A goal keeper may take a corner kick.

Is it allowd if the defender passes the ball to the goalkeeper and grabs it with his hands?

It is not allowed for a goal keeper to take possession of the ball with his hands if it has been deliberately kicked to him from the feet of a team-mate. To do so is an indirect free kick offense.

The six second rule from a back pass?

Having the goalkeeper keep possession with his hands for more than 6 seconds is an Indirect Free Kick offense. Having the goalkeeper take possession with his hands directly from a deliberate pass from the feet of a team-mate is an Indirect Free Kick offense. The two offenses have nothing in common, other than that they share the same consequence.

What are the rules regarding the goalkeeper and the little box in high school soccer?

The "little box" in front of the goal mouth is the goal area. There is no rule governing the goalkeeper and the goal box except that if the keeper is taking a goal kick, the ball must be placed on or within the lines of the goal box to restart play. (Note that the keeper or any of his teammates may take the goal kick - there is no mandate that the keeper take the goal kick.) Following the taking of the goal kick, the ball is considered not to be in play until it crosses out of the associated penalty area, which is the "big box" inside which the defending goalkeeper my use his hands to play the ball according to the Laws of the Game. It is highly unlikely that these rules are modified in high school soccer. It could be fairly said that the sole purpose of the goal area is to define the area from inside which the ball is to be placed in the taking of a goal kick on that restart of play.

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Can a defender stay in the box when a goal kick is taken?

Yes, there are no rules stipulating that defenders are not allowed in the box when a goal kick is being taken. Case in point: Some defenders are known to take goal kicks for the goalkeepers, and given that the ball is in the box for the goal kick, the defender is already in the box along with the goalkeeper whilst taking it.Do take note though, that the ball must be passed out of the box from a goal kick, i.e, the goal kick cannot be passed to a teammate (defender or otherwise) who is also in the box.

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Who may take a goal kick?

Any defender may take a goal kick.

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