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The runner would be safe. This is the same as if the ball were dislodged and falls out of the glove.

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Q: When a player steals and the fielder tags runner and his glove falls off and ball stays in glove is he safe or out?
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If a batter hits a ball that falls safely in front of the center fielder but the runner at second hesitates and gets thrown out at third should it be considered a fielder's choice and not a hit?

Provided that there were no runner on 1st base and batter reached 1st before runner were tagged out, this is a hit. Batter alreay had first base, runner chose to go to 3rd, not forced. If he were forced, then it is a fielders choice.

Is it still considered a force if with a runner on first the fielder chooses to throw to first but the runner is safe but the runner from first falls and the first baseman throws to second base?

Once the batter/runner is forced out at 1st base, the force out of all other base runners is no longer in effect. Therefore, even if the original runner at 1st falls, he must be tagged out. He could, in fact, return to first and be safe there if he is not tagged out.

Is it a hit or fielders choice on a line drive to center field that falls short of the center fielder but the forced runner on second base falls down running to third and is thrown out as a result?

In major leagues this is considered a hit and will be counted toward your batting average.

If a baseball player catches a ball and then falls out of play is it an out?

It depends on how he leaves the playing field. If the fielder catches the ball in flight, and falls out of the playing field between homeplate and the yellow line on the wall (foul territory), the batter-runner is out as long as the player maintains full, controlled posession of the baseball. However, if a player catches a ball and falls out of play over the yellow line signifying a homerun, the play should be ruled a homerun, but specific ground rules may be in effect to rule the batter out.

If a batter hits a ball where they would otherwise safely reach first and a runner currently on a base gets tagged out due to a base running error is this considered a fielders choice?

That would depend on whether the runner that made the base running error was forced out. If there is a runner on first base and the batter hits a ground ball into left field and the runner trips and falls between first and second and the left fielder throws to second and gets the runner out, it would be considered a force out and the batter would not get credited with a hit. But if there is a runner on first base and the batter hits a ground ball into left field and the runner rounds second base too far and the left fielder throws to second and the runner is tagged out, the batter would be credited with a base hit.Answer:The above is incorrect. In order for the batter to receive a Fielder's Choice and not be credited with the hit, the scorer must determine that the batter would not have safely reached 1st base. In simple terms: "the fielder COULD have thrown out the batter, but CHOSE not to". In the example above, the left fielder could not have thrown out the batter at first. The batter is awarded the hit and the defense records a 7-4 put out.A force out does not determine a Fielder's choice. If there is a runner on 2nd with 1st empty: If the batter hits a sharp ground ball to second basemen who fields the ball cleanly and attempts to throw out the runner advancing from 2nd, the batter is given the fielder's choice whether the advancing runner is safe or out at 3rd.

When a fielder catches a ball and falls into the stands is it a foul ball or an out?

If a fielder catches a ball and falls into the stands, it is a dead ball and all runners advance one base. Rule 704(c) The fielder made a legal catch. At that point the batter was out. The fielder then took the ball out of play. At that point the runners were allowed to advance one base.

Is it a home run if ball is caught and the fielder falls into stands?

If he drops it yes

If a fielder catches a fly ball and falls over the center field fence can the runners advance?

If he catches the ball, the fielder's position doesn't matter.

Is it a home run if a fielder touches the ball over the fence but it falls in the field of play?


If a player from first to second runs into the base before the ball gets there but the baseman reaches for the ball and knocks the runner off the base and falls on him then tags him is he out?


Is it a fielders choice runner on first batter hits pop up to outfield falls untouched runner from first is forced at second?

Yes, it is a fielder's choice. It would be a fielder's choice if it were a line drive to the outfield or a pop up. I happened to witness this unusual feat in a game in Philadelphia with the Astros. A Phillie hit a ball into right center and the runner from first was thrown out at second. It was scored a "fielder's choice." Unbelievably, the Phillies also had a triple play against them with the bases loaded on a ground ball to third, touched third, threw to second, and on to first. The Phillies catcher also threw the ball over the third baseman's head attempting to start the ball around the horn at the start of an inning. The Phillies were winning about 8-0 when the triple play happened and they eventually lost. This was in August 2004.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It is not a fielder's choice - in order for it to be a fielder's choice there had to be a choice whcih implies the outfielder had a reasonable play at first base.From WIKIThough there are several definitions of fielder's choice, the most common (and the only one commonly referred to as FC) involves a fielder fielding a fair ball and, though he has a clear opportunity to throw out the batter-runner at first base in the official scorer's judgment, chooses to try to put out another baserunner, thereby allowing the batter-runner to safely reach first base.

What is the official Scoring when a batter is hit by a ball thrown to 1st base?

It depends on where the batter is in the base path. First base is the only base where there is a running lane for the batter. This is a 3' wide lane to the right of the foul line, off the playing field. If the fielder throws the ball to first base for the putout and the ball hits the runner and prevents a catch by the fielder guarding the base: -- if the runner was running within or to the right (as one looks from home to first) of the runners lane, the ball is dead and the runner is granted first base. This is true even if he falls down and is unable to make it to first before the ball is picked up and relayed to the first baseman. -- if the runner is running outside the runner's lane (usually to the left), and is hit by the thrown ball, he is called out. In fact, if it is a quality throw, he could be called out even if he is not hit with the throw, if in the umpire's judgement he was attempting to interfere with the fielder's attempt to field the throw.

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