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If he drops it yes

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Q: Is it a home run if ball is caught and the fielder falls into stands?
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When a fielder catches a ball and falls into the stands is it a foul ball or an out?

If a fielder catches a ball and falls into the stands, it is a dead ball and all runners advance one base. Rule 704(c) The fielder made a legal catch. At that point the batter was out. The fielder then took the ball out of play. At that point the runners were allowed to advance one base.

What happens to runners when a pop-up is caught in foul territory and the fielder runs into the out of play area?

If the fielder falls into the stands or the dugout after catching the foul, the ball is dead and runners are awarded base from the base they occupied at the time of the pitch.

When is a foul ball an out?

Only when caught by a fielder, excluding softball.

Is a batted fly ball caught is a put out?

Yes, for the fielder who catches it

If a fielder catches a fly ball and falls over the center field fence can the runners advance?

If he catches the ball, the fielder's position doesn't matter.

If a fielder jumps over the wall and lands in the stands before catching a foul ball or a home run is the batter out?

No, if the fielder is out of the field of play (in the stands), then the batter is not out.

What is the ruling if a fielder throws his mitt up into the air and the ball falls into the mitt and he catches the mitt with the ball in it?

It is scored as a triple Really, no he caught the ball so obviously he got him out First answer is correct, batter is awarded three bases.

Is a baseball caught in the stands an out?

If it is caught by the player in the stands with no interference (such as a fan tipping the ball up), it is an out.

In cricket if the ball hits your hand and gets caught are you out?

No. If the ball hits your glove or bat, then you're out. But other than that, you cannot be given out caught by fielder.

What if a fielder catches a ball but loses his glove and the ball stays in the glove?

If the glove or mitt falls off in the process of catching the ball, it is not a legal catch. The fielder must have control of the ball in the glove and then remove it himself.

Is it a home run if a fielder touches the ball over the fence but it falls in the field of play?


What is the meaning of trap in baseball?

A "trap" happens when a fielder catches a line-drive or flyball on the first small bounce after hitting the ground. If the fielder caught the ball in the air, it would be an out. But because they caught it after the first hop, it is not an out. The term "trap" is used when the ball barely touches the ground, before the fielder grabs it.

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