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No , only upon the pawn's promotion to a piece that then checks the king may you then say "check" .

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Q: When a pawn promotes to the other side can say check prior to naming the piece the pawn will be?
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If you are in check in a game of chess can you get out of check by putting the other player in check?

No , your King must be out of check . You can block a check with another piece - that piece in turn can place your opponent's King in check ,

Can a king take another chess piece in checkmate?

Depends by which rules and standards you are going by. Some say no and if you take another piece to get out of check-mate then it was technically just check, other rules state that its check-mate if all other avenues of movement are blocked and the only way out of check-mate is to take the piece then yes it is possible.

Can a rook check a king in chess?

The Rook can , as any piece other than the opposing King , can check a King .

Can i buy a piece of the twin towers?

hmmm...Not Sure but check on other places in the Internet

Can you use some other pieces in chess to prevent check?

Yes, if the king is in check, the next move must take the king out of check. You do not necessarily have to move the king, you could take the attacking piece, or block the check by moving a piece in the way.

How can you capture a piece when you are in check?

I'm not an expert, but if the piece putting you in check was right beside your king you could capture that piece and avoid checkmate.

What is a found check in chess games?

A founded check is when a piece in the middle of the king and the piece moves away.

Is moon a naming word?

depends on how you use it. The moon that orbits the The Earth is called The Moon so in that case it is a "naming word" (proper noun) but "a moon" is just a piece of rock that orbits a planet, so no it is not in that case.

If chess king cannot move without going into check - checkmate or stalemate or draw?

If the king is not currently in check and has nowhere to move without being in check, it is stalemate, which is a draw. However if any other piece of his can make a move (i.e a pawn), then it is not stalemate, and you are forced to move whatever piece can be moved.

How do you checkmate?

you get them in check and they cant block, move, ortake the piece that is forcing you in check

When can the King take another chess piece?

The king can capture any piece (except the other king) the same way other pieces capture, but since he can move only one space, this is usually a defensive move. The king cannot capture a piece that is protected by another piece or pawn, as this would place him in "check" (subject to capture himself).

Can the king kill while in check?

Yes, the king can take another piece to get out of check, but only to get out of check.

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