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Q: What year did the colts start playing in Indianapolis?
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Who is playing this year in the Super Bowl?

2010: The New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts are playing in this year's super bowl.

What year did Indianapolis Colts come to Indianapolis?

The Indianapolis Colts moved to Indianapolis, Indiana (from Baltimore) back in 1984.

What year did the Baltimore colts move to Indianapolis?

The Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984.

What year did the Indianapolis Colts move to Indiana?

The Colts moved to Indianapolis Indiana in 1984.

How do you like the Indianapolis Colts?

I love my Indianapolis Colts! They will win the Super Bowl this year! Guarantee It!

What year did Peyton Manning start playing for the colts?


What year was the Indianapolis Colts founded?


When was the last year that Indianapolis won the Super Bowl?

The 2006 Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowl XLI. The Colts defeated the Seattle Seahawks 29-17.

From what year to what year did the Indianapolis Colts have blue face masks?


What year did the Indianapolis Colts have blue facemasks?

From 1995-2003

What year did the colts begin in Baltimore?

The Baltimore Colts NFL franchise began in 1953, and is currently known as the Indianapolis Colts.

What year did the Colts become Indy?

The Colts, which at the time were at Baltimore, Maryland, relocated from there to Indianapolis on March 29, 1984.

What year did the Baltimore colts leave and become the ravens?

Baltimore Colts left in 1983 to become the Indianapolis Colts. Baltimore Ravens came in 1996.

What year did the Indianapolis Colts with the supe Bowl with coach dungy?


What teams are in the Super Bowl this year?

The New Orleans Saints, and The Indianapolis Colts.

How many years did Peyton Manning play for the Indianapolis Colts?

Peyton Manning was a member of the Indianapolis Colts for 14 seasons (1998-2011). He did not play in his final year, due to a neck injury.

What year did the colts draft Marvin Harrison?

The wide receiver from Syracuse was the Indianapolis Colts' pick in the first round of the 1996 NFL Draft.

What is the worst team in NFL?

For this year, 2011-2012, it is the Indianapolis Colts with a record of 1-15.

Who are the colts playing on thanksgiving?

The Colts aren't playing a game on Thanksgiving this year (2014), but they will be playing the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving Sunday (Nov 30th).

Are the Indianapolis Colts better than the Dallas Cowboys?

This year they had a better record, so probably, but when they played in 06 Dallas won 21-14 I believe. Colts won the Super Bowl that year.

What year did Chicago Bears loose the Super Bowl?

2005 Super Bowl Against the Indianapolis Colts

What year did Peyton Manning get drafted into the NFL?

He was drafted #1 overall by the Indianapolis Colts in April of 1998.

What year did the Indy Colts wear blue pants with white jerseys?

The Indianapolis Colts wore blue pants with their white jerseys for the first three games in the 1995 season.

How long Peyton Manning been in the nfl?

Peyton Manning was drafted in 1998 and started that year for the Indianapolis Colts

Who holds the record for the most pass completions for his rookie year?

Peyton Manning of the 1998 Indianapolis Colts with 326.