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I love my Indianapolis Colts! They will win the Super Bowl this year! Guarantee It!

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โˆ™ 2009-08-07 17:42:30
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Q: How do you like the Indianapolis Colts?
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Do you like the Indianapolis Colts?


What state are the Indianapolis colts located in?

The Indianapolis Colts are in Indianapolis, Indiana!

When was Indianapolis Colts created?

Indianapolis Colts was created in 1953.

How long have the Indianapolis Colts been in existence?

They started off as the Baltimore Colts in 1953 and became the Indianapolis Colts in 1984. For more on the Colts, be sure to like Colts 101 and Sports Media 101 on facebook!

When were the colts created?

The colts were created in Baltimore until they moved to Indianapolis and became the Indianapolis colts.

Where are the Indiana colts from?

The Indianapolis Colts are from Baltimore and moved to Indianapolis in 1984.

Who is the quaterback for the Indianapolis Colts?

Peyton Manning is the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.

What year did Indianapolis Colts come to Indianapolis?

The Indianapolis Colts moved to Indianapolis, Indiana (from Baltimore) back in 1984.

What city do the Indianapolis colts play in?

Since 1984 the Indianapolis Colts play in, you guessed it, Indianapolis.

Where does the Indianapolis colts play?

The Indianapolis Colts play in Lucas Oil Stadium located in downtown Indianapolis, IN.

When did the Colts leave Baltimore for Indianapolis?

The Colts relocated from Baltimore to Indianapolis in 1984.

Where did the Indianapolis Colts get there name from?

They were originally called the Baltimore Colts until they moved to Indianapolis and got their current name. For more on the Colts, be sure to like Sports Media 101 on facebook!

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