What year did the Indianapolis Colts move to Indiana?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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The Colts moved to Indianapolis Indiana in 1984.

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Q: What year did the Indianapolis Colts move to Indiana?
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How do you like the Indianapolis Colts?

I love my Indianapolis Colts! They will win the Super Bowl this year! Guarantee It!

What year did the Baltimore colts move to Indianapolis?

September 27,1953The NFL Baltimore Colts1953-1970The Colts began the 1953 season with a blockbuster trade, swapping five Baltimore players for 10 Cleveland Browns. Among the players who came to Baltimore were future coach Don Shula; Bert Rechichar, Carl Taseff and Art Spinney, among others. The 2nd incarnation of the Baltimore Colts first took the field at Memorial Stadium on September 27, with Coach Keith Molesworth. The Colts would stun the Bears that day 13-9 to get the new franchise off on the right foot. However, the Colts struggled to a 3-9 season in their inaugural year.[2]

What year was the Indianapolis Colts founded?


What year did the colts start playing in Indianapolis?

1970. When the AFL-NFL merger took place in 1970, there were 16 teams in the NFL and 10 teams in the AFL. To make the number of teams even in the newly created conferences, three teams from the old NFL (new NFC) moved over to play in the AFC. These teams were the Colts, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers.

What year did the colts begin in Baltimore?

The Baltimore Colts NFL franchise began in 1953, and is currently known as the Indianapolis Colts.

What year did the Indianapolis Colts with the supe Bowl with coach dungy?


What year did the Colts become Indy?

The Colts, which at the time were at Baltimore, Maryland, relocated from there to Indianapolis on March 29, 1984.

When did Benjamin Harrison move to Indiana?

The year was 1853 and he was 20 years old when he moved to Indianapolis with his new bride and his law license.

What year did the Baltimore colts leave and become the ravens?

Baltimore Colts left in 1983 to become the Indianapolis Colts. Baltimore Ravens came in 1996.

What teams are in the Super Bowl this year?

The New Orleans Saints, and The Indianapolis Colts.

Who did Peyton Manning play for last year?

Miami Dolphins on Sept 6, 1998 at the RCA Dome. Colts lost 15-24.