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The 1948 Cleveland Browns of the All American Football Conference had a regular season record of 14-0 and won the AAFC championship game over the Buffalo Bills to become the first professional football team to go through an entire season, including playoffs, undefeated.

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Q: What year did the Cleveland Browns have an undefeated season?
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How long is it to wait for Cleveland Browns season tickets?

1 year

What year did the the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore?

The Browns became the Baltimore Ravens after the 1995 season. The NFL arranged for a new Cleveland Browns team to begin playing in 1999.

What year did the browns become the ravens?

The Cleveland Browns franchise moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens after the 1995 National Football League season. The City of Cleveland obtained a replacement Browns team in 1999.

What year did the Browns move to Baltimore?

The Browns played in St. Louis between 1902-1953. They moved to Baltimore for the 1954 season and became the Orioles.

In Bill Belichick's first season as head coach what was the Browns' record?

The Browns had a 6 and 10 record under belichick his first year in Cleveland.

What year was the undefeated season?

The Titans have never had an undefeated season. Their best seasons have been 13-3 on three occasions.

What year did Cleveland Browns return from hiatus?


Does Oklahoma have an undefeated team this year?

No. They lost to Texas mid-season.

What were the most yards Jim Brown rushed for in a season and how many games and what year?

1863 rushing yards in 14 games for the 1963 Cleveland Browns.

What was the first year the original Cleveland Browns were in the NFL?

The Cleveland Browns entered the NFL in 1950 after having been in the AAFC since 1946.

What year did the patriots go undefeated for regular season and lost first round to go to the super bowl?

Never, The Patriots in '06 went undefeated all the way and lost the Superbowl, They have never before been undefeated in regular season.

What year did Jimm Brown play for the Cleveland Browns?

1954 to 1964.