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Q: What would a judge yell in a tennis match?
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How did tennis receive its name?

In France, they used to play it as handball, without rackets. When they struck the ball, they would yell "Tene!" which meant "take that!" in French. so hence the name, tennis.

Is the judge joe brown show fake?

judge joe brown show sometimes seems fake, funny how they yell at him and not judge judy, and she really deserves it.

Can you yell at opponent in tennis?

While it is not against the rules to yell, cussing can cause you to loose some points if there is a ref. If you use bad words exceedingly often, then the ref can call you on it.

Is it right for a staff member to yell at you if you have on the wrong uniform?

No they are supposed to look after you and not judge you on what clothing you are wearing. If you did some thing wrong then they should tell you gently but not yell.

What cheer do french yell at tennis?

It's mostly ohs and ahs, like in English. No special cheer.

How do you use the word yell in a sentence?

Some examples would be: "I had to yell to get Gloria's attention." "My parents yell a lot during my softball games."

What is a rebel yell?

rebel yell dates back to the Civil War 1861-1865, when the Confederate soldiers would charge the Union line they would yell. this would was done in order to scare the Union troops and get them to run

Why would a girl yell at you befor sex?

To get aroused.

Would nick ever yell at a fan?


Something you would yell beginning with y?

You rock!

Would Justin Bieber yell at one of his teachers?

no way

Something you would yell starting with a t?

tornado, torpedo

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