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It's your point.

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Q: In table tennis a ball is hit and backspins into your court without the opponent touching the ball Who is point is it?
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In tennis a ball is hit and backspins into your court without the opponent touching the ball Who's point is it?

The person who never hit the ball would get the point.

Can you run into the net in tennis?

touching the net in a tennis competition is not allowed and if you do run into it the opponent/s are/is awarded the point.

Why do tennis players return the tennis ball back to opponent?

Tennis players must serve or return the tennis ball back to opponent in order to continue the tennis game.

Opponent in a sentence?

The other team was the opponent. In the tennis match, Ruby was Daisy's opponent. My opponent was scary. The opponent was prepared.

What is a winner in tennis?

A winner is any shot that bounces twice without the opposing player touching the ball with his/ her racquet

Whose point is it in tennis if a ball hits an opponent while standing out of bounds?

The opponent's

What is meaning of serve in tennis?

To serve in tennis, is to hit a tennis ball with your racquet, aiming to score against an opponent.

What do you need to play tennis?

Well... Tennis Racket Couple balls Sneakers opponent

In tennis can a player reach over the net without hitting the ball without fault?

Yes, as long as you don't touch the net or the other side. You can't touch the ball until it crosses the net to your side, but once it crosses over, if it has spin and goes back to the opponent's side, you can and must reach over the net to touch the ball before it's second bounce because you will lose the point if it bounces back on the opponent's side without you touching it.

In Tennis what is a legal serve which the opponent fails to touch or the point which is scored as a result?

The legal serve where the opponent fails to touch the tennis ball is called 'ACE'.

Does the server have to wait for opponent to be ready in tennis?


What is a served shot that could not be returned by the opponent in Tennis called?

In tennis it's called a ace

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