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he was picked up by Liverpool when he was 8 to train in their academy so Liverpool never bought him

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Nothing - he started his career there

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Q: What was the transfer fee when Kenny Dalglish joined Liverpool?
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When will Liverpool sack Kenny Dalglish?

Liverpool sacked Kenny Dalglish as manager in mid 2012.

When did Kenny dalglish first start playing for Liverpool?

Kenny Dalglish was the Captain for Liverpool FC between 1979 and 1979.

In what year did Kenny Dalglish sign for Liverpool?


Who are the new owners of Liverpool fc?

Kenny Dalglish

Who was Liverpool football club manager the last time they won the league?

Kenny dalglish in 1990 Kenny dalglish in 1990

Who was Liverpool Football Club's Manager in 2011-2012?

Kenny Dalglish

In 1985 who became Liverpool's first player-manager?

Kenny Dalglish

Who are the Celtic players who also played for Liverpool?

Kenny Dalglish

Will Liverpool sack Kenny Dalglish?

Yes, they have. The current manager is Brendan Rodgers.

Who is a Liverpool ledgend?

Lucas Leiva, But seriously - Kenny Dalglish is normally #1

Who was liver-pools manager before Kenny dalglish?

The manager for Liverpool before Kenny Dalglish was Roy Hodgson, who was sacked and then made a move to manage Wigan Athletic.

Who were Liverpool Football Club's Managers in 2010-2011?

Roy Hodgson & Kenny Dalglish