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Q: In what year did Kenny Dalglish sign for Liverpool?
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In what year did Kenny Dalglish join and leave Liverpool football club?

Kenny Dalglish joined Liverpool from Glasgow Celtic in the summer of 1977. He made his competitive debut in the Charity Shield on 13-Aug-1977, his league debut at Middlesbrough on 20-Aug-77 and his Anfield debut on 23-Aug-77 (scoring in both games). Kenny continued to play, even after becoming the Liverpool manager in 1985, finally retiring with his last league performance against Coventry 5-May-1990. In the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster, Dalglish resigned from the club on 22-Feb-1991 stating "health" as his reason for going. The current Liverpool manager, Rafael Benetiz, asked Dalglish to return to the club as an ambassador which he did on 3-Jul-2009.

How long was Kenny dalglish manager of Liverpool?

His recent arrival was for one and half year that is from 2011-12 and second half of the season 2010-2011 before this he managed blackburn rover to league title

Which Belgian striker did Liverpool sign this year 2011?

Liverpool did not sign any Belgian strikers in 2011, but they did sign forwards Luis Suarez, Andrew Carroll, and Craig Bellamy.

What year did Steven Gerrard sign with Liverpool?

He is a product of the Liverpool youth system, he joined in 1987 and later signed his first professional contract in 1997.

How much did Liverpool to sign joe cole?

free transfer on 4 year contract

What year did Kenny daglish leave Liverpool?

He left as a player in 1990 and rejoined as the manager in 1985 (being player and manager at the same time). He then left the managerial spot in 1991 until 2011 where he is Liverpool FC's current manager.

Is Kenny dalglish a manager of football teams?

Dalglish became player manager of Liverpool in 1985 following the Heysel Stadium Disaster and brought the team a League and FA Cup double in his first year, beating Merseyside rivals Everton in the process. During his six year tenure, Liverpool always finished either first or second in the league. He guided them to three league wins and two FA Cups from 1985--1991. He joined Blackburn Rovers in 1991 and, through Jack Walker's patronage, he turned the Second Division side to Premier League winners, breaking transfer fee records along the way. His move to Newcastle United in 1997 was less successful. Although he finished as Premier League runner up in 1996--97, the team's league performance the following season was lacklustre and he was sacked by Freddie Shepherd at the start of the 1998--99 season. He was appointed Director of Football at Celtic in 1999 but a brief stint as caretaker manager ended in an acrimonious departure. He has not managed since 2000 and has instead focused on charitable concerns, founding The Marina Dalglish Appeal with his wife to raise money for breast cancer.

What year did Liverpool play?

I think you need to be more specific. What year did Liverpool play what/who?

Who was the first English football manager of the year?

As for the FA Premier league, there has not been an English Manager of the year. Five different managers have won the award: - Alex Ferguson [Scottish] - Kenny Dalglish [Scottish] - Arsene Wenger [French] - George Burley [Scottish] - Jose Mourinho [ Portuguese]

Is Kenny Irons out for the year?

Kenny Irons is out forever

Who are the 6 players signed for Celtic after 1999 who have played in an fa cup final?

the six players who were signed for Celtic after 1999 who played in FA cup final were roy keane, he signed for less than a year and then retired . john barnes he was the coach of the celtic,Sir Alex fergusan, kenny delgish, greame souness and hanrik larson

What happened to Kenny?

Kenny Lofton is currently a free agent. He is hoping to still be picked up by someone, but it doesn't look good I guess. I think the Tribe should sign him to a contract like they did last year. He is one of the major reasons they made it to the series!

Is Liverpool cool?

At this time of year the weather in Liverpool is quite cold.

Year of Long haired lover from Liverpool?

Long Haired Lover From Liverpool (:

Where are Liverpool in the premir lauge?

Last year Liverpool finished 7th in the e.P.L.

Are Liverpool doing good in the champions league?

No this year Liverpool are knocked out early.

What year was Liverpool formed?

Liverpool fc was formed on the 15th of march 1892

What number is Torres for Liverpool?

Torres is number 9 for Liverpool i know because im an 11 year old Liverpool fan

Can Liverpool win League?

No Liverpool can not win the Champion league this year as they have failed to qualify this year. Last year they came seventh in the E.P.L and top four only qualify.

Complete the sentence 2008 was Liverpool's year as Capital of?

Liverpool was the 2008 City of Culture. Liverpool is a large citry in the NW of England. Bill Shankley said it has 2 great football teams: Liverpool & Liverpool reserves !

What year are Liverpool going to win the Premiership?

the year never

Witch year was Liverpool a team?

Liverpool F.C. was founded on 15 March 1892 by John Houlding.

What year did Liverpool last win the premier league?

Liverpool lat won the premiere league in 1990.

Who was the manager of Liverpool F.C. in 1996?

The manager of Liverpool F.C. for the entirety of calendar year 1996 was Roy Evans.

What year did Liverpool become a city?