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2-0 i just know it.

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Q: What was the score of the first baseball game ever played?
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What was the score of the first softball game ever played?

the score was 40 to 41 and played indoors

What was the final score of the first volleyball game ever played in history?

It was first played 1896 at Springfield College, but there was no documentation of the win-loss record or score.

Why does Jackie Robinson feel uneasy about the opening day of the world series?

Jackie Robinson was feeling uneasy about the opening day of the world series because he was the first black person to play baseball in the MLB.

What is the first sport ever played in the US?


When was the first baseball game ever played?

Click the link.

What was the final score of the first basketball game?

No score was ever recorded of that first game ever played when Naismith invented the game. The first NCAA basketball tournament included 8 teams in 1939. Oregon beat Ohio State 46-33 in the final game.

When was the first ever Major League game ever played in Spain?

No regular season Major League baseball game has ever been played in Spain.

Was the first official baseball game ever played in 1867?

The first recorded game was in 1846.

What was the highest baseball score ever?


When did the fort Wayne kekiongas face the Cleveland forest citys?

That was May 4, 1871 in what is acknowledged as the first major league baseball game ever played. The two teams were members of the National Association, the first major league of professional baseball players. Click on the 'First MLB Game' link below to see the play-by-play and box score for the game.

Who played the first college football game ever?

Rutgers defeated Princeton in New Brunswick, NJ on November 6, 1869 by a score of 6-4

First foreign player to score a hattrick in the premier league?

Eric Cantona who was also first ever player to score hattrick

What song is played when ever the falcons score a touchdown?

Dirty Bird

What is the highest score ever in baseball when a team won by one run?


What was the first college sports game ever played?

Rutgers defeated Princeton in New Brunswick, NJ on November 6, 1869 by a score of 6-4

What was the first game of baseball ever played?

The first game of baseball every played was just that, baseball. However, most research seems to point to the English sport of rounders as the basis for modern baseball. The very first recorded baseball game using modern rules took place in 1846 between the New York Knickerbockers and the New York Nine.

Are there any Major League Baseball players that won their first world series in their last game?

One was Darren Daulton. He played first base for the Florida Marlins in his final ever MLB game, Game 7 of the 1997 World Series. The Marlins won Game 7 by the score of 3-2.

The first baseball ever made?

The first baseball ever made was made in the year of 1857. It was introduced at the first baseball convention which was held in New York City.

When and where was the first basketball played?

The first ever college basketball game was played on; January 18, 1896, when the University of Iowa invited student athletes from the new University of Chicago for an experimental game. Final score: Chicago 15, Iowa 12,

Which teams played in the first Major League Baseball game ever?

The first game in MLB was played on May 4, 1871 between the Cleveland Forest Cities and the Fort Wayne Kekiongas.

What is the highest score in bowling ever played at the White House?

The highest score was by Richard Nixon and I'm pretty sure he bowled 232

What was the first ever international football match?

The first ever international match was between England and Scotland and the final score was 0-0

Who was the first person to ever score for the Baltimore Ravens?

Matt stover

What was the second highest scoring baseball game ever?

The second highest scoring baseball game ever was the Chicago/Philadelphia on August 25, 1922 with a final score of 26-23.

Who was the coach when Michigan won its first Rose Bowl?

Michigan won the first Rose Bowl ever played, in 1902, by the score of 49-0 over Stanford. Michigan's head coach was Fielding Yost.