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Lucien Laurent

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Q: Who score the first ever world cup championship goal?
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What is the highest score ever recorded in a world championship snooker frame?

86 points

Has Valentino Rossi ever won a championship?

He won his first World championship in 1997. Won the 250cc world championship in 1999. He won the 500cc World Championship with Honda in 2001.Won the MotoGP World Championship with Honda in 2002 and 2003. He also won in 2004 and 2005 and in 2008 and 2009.

Who score the first-ever goal in world cup history?

Lucien Laurent (France)

Has mark Henry ever won the world heavyweight championship?

Yes. Mark Henry won his first World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions on September 18th, 2011.

Who won the first ever boomerang world championships?

The U.S.A. won the first ever World Boomerang Championship in 1988 Robert Croll won the first ever official World Boomerang Champion in 1988 Both were held in Barooga N.S.W. Australia.

Who won the World Series in 09?

The Pittsburgh Pirates won their first-ever world championship, defeating the Detroit Tigers in seven games.

Who won the first F1 race?

Nino Farina won the first ever World Championship race at Silverstone on 13th May 1950.

Who was the first person to score a goal in the world cup?

The first ever World Cup goal was scored by French striker Lucien Laurent.

Did stirling moss ever win world championship?

No, Moss is considered to be the greatest driver who never won the World Driving Championship.

Have the saints ever won a division championship?

Yes! Beat the Vikings at home in their first ever hosted Div championship. 2009 season

Is mvp ever won the world heavyweight championship?


First boxer to win the world heavy weight championship title three times?

Mohammad Ali or Cassius Clay was the first boxer ever to win the world heavyweight title thrice.

When did Williamsport win its first Little League World Series?

Williamsport, PA won its first and only Little League World Series championship in 1947, defeating Lock Haven, PA. It was the leagues first ever World Series.

Who was the the first Indian women athlete ever to win a medal in a World Athletics Championship?

Anju Bobby George

Who kick the first goal in world cup football?

In the first ever world cup game in 1930, France beat Mexico 4-1. Lucien Laurent was the first person to score a world cup goal.

Has Rutgers ever won college football national championship?

Yes in 1869. They split the championship with Princeton which is a joke because Rutgers beat Princeton during the regular season. First intercollegiate football game was indeed in 1869. Score: Rutgers 16 Princeton 8.

How many teams came back in the World Series after losing the first three games?

In the 100-plus years of World Series history, no team has ever won a world championship after losing the first three games.

Has any baseball team won the World Series after being down 3-0?

No. Since the first World Series in 1903, no team has ever won a world championship after losing the first three games of the Fall Classic.

Where was the first ever open championship played?

Prestwick, Scotland.

What was the first ever championship that aryton senna won?


Who was the first WWE womens champion?

The WWE Women's Championship was established in 1956. At that time it was named the NWA World Women's Championship for the NWA. The first ever woman to hold the title was the wrestler The Fabulous Moolah. She debuted as a wrestler in 1949 and retired in 2007.

Will Kane ever win the world heavyweight championship?

In my opinion yes. kane has been wwe champion and ecw champion but i think yes to the world championship.

What was the score of the first softball game ever played?

the score was 40 to 41 and played indoors

Youngest ever male to win swimming world championship?


Did Charles Barkley ever win a world championship in professional basketball.?