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Rutgers defeated Princeton in New Brunswick, NJ on November 6, 1869 by a score of 6-4

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Q: What was the first college sports game ever played?
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What was the first sport ever to be played in Australia?

Cricket was one of the first sports played in Australia.

What is the first sports game ever played in the world?


What collage was the first game of volleyball played at?

Springfield College July 1896 was the first volleyball game ever played

What is the most dominant college sports program ever?

college football

Who is the oldest college football team?

Rutgers and Princeton played in the first-ever college football game in 1869.

When was college basketball established?

The first game ever in college basketball was played 1/18/1896

What was the first sport invented in the world?

There is no way to accurately know the answer to this question. It is believed that wrestling and boxing are the first sports ever played.

What was the final score of the first volleyball game ever played in history?

It was first played 1896 at Springfield College, but there was no documentation of the win-loss record or score.

What percent of doctors played high school sports?

36% of doctors have ever played high school sports

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sports Illustrated 20 Greatest College Basketball Players Ever - 2005?

The cast of The Sports Illustrated 20 Greatest College Basketball Players Ever - 2005 includes: Summer Sanders

Have the sports in the Olympics ever changed since it was first played?

sure such as the allowing of woman to participate in the mid 20th century

Who was the first ever person to do sport?

Impossible to say. Certainly sports have been played since before recorded history.

When is the first college football bowl game ever played?


Where did college football start?

It started at Rutgers University in 1869 when they played Princeton in the first ever football game

What were first team sports at the Commonwealth Games?

The first-ever Team Sports at the Commonwealth Games were Rowing, Athletics and Swimming

What was the first ever pro sports team in Seattle?

The Seattle Siwashes, a minor league baseball team that played in the Pacific Coast League in 1903. The first 'major' pro sports team was the Supersonics of the NBA who began play in 1967.

How many college athletes play proffessional sports?

very few college athletes will ever play professionally in their paticular sport. For the main sports like basketball, football, etc. less than 2 percent of the college athletes will go pro.

Who played the first college football game ever?

Rutgers defeated Princeton in New Brunswick, NJ on November 6, 1869 by a score of 6-4

What is the first Sports Car ever invented?

Jack curtis1915

Has Arkansas ever played Ohio state in college football?


Was Zac Efron ever a gymnast?

no he never was he just played alot of sports

Who did Michigan play in their first ever football game?

Michigan University played Racine College on May, 30 1879 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Which two teams played in the first game of Australian rules football?

The first ever game of 'Australian Rules' football was between Melbourne Grammar School and Scotch College in 1858.

What is the first pair of shoes Jordan ever played in?

The first ever shoes that were named after him were called Air Jordan but i dont know the first that he played in.

What was the first sports car ever made?

The first sports car ever made was the 3 litre 1910 Vauxhall 20 hp (15 kW) and 27/80PS Austro-Daimler (designed by Ferdinand Porsche)