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because of the god

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Q: What was the reason the ancient Olympics stop running?
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Why did the ancient Olympics stop in 393AD?

Byzantine Emperor Theodosius the 2nd declared to stop the ancient Olympics as he hated Zeus.

When the torch stop in ancient Olympics?

i dno

How serious was the Olympics in ancient Greece?

Ancient Greeks were very serious about the Olympics that even when they are in the middle of a war,they will actually stop what there doing and go and play in the Olympics!

When and why did the Ancient Olympics stop?

The ancient Olympics were last celebrated in AD 393. They were abolished the following year by a decree of the Roman Emperor Theodosius, because they were un-Christian.

What date did ancient Olympics stop?

The Olympics were last celebrated in AD 393, and abolished for being un-Christian the following year.

How did the ancient olympic games stop?

The ancient Olympics stopped because there are now more people that are modern than ancient and people will get fed up having to watch old sports and the Olympics will lose their career

Why were the Olympics stopped?

why did the greek Olympics stop why did the greek Olympics stop

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stop asking me i dont know

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