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There was no name before that, it was just running!

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Q: What was the name of cross country before cross country?
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Can you name all sports with the word 'cross' in them?

Cyclo- cross, cross-country mountainbiking, horse cross-country, cross-country rally, motorcross, supercross, cross-country running, cross-country skiing, boardercross, golfcross, lacrosse, and polocrosse.

What is another name for cross country racing?

XC is short for cross country.

How did cross country get started?

Because People Liked to run and they said that they should name it cross country after a bunch of idea's

What is another name for cross-country skiing?

Nordic skiing.

What is the another name for Nordic skiing?

Cross-country skiing.

What is name of red cross in Islamic country?

Helale Ahmar

What horse back mail service was used for cross-country deliveries the early 1860s?

This was called the Pony Express. It only operated for a decade or so before cross-country telegram wires made this unprofitable.

What is a name for the sport of cross country skiing beginning with 'L'?


In skiing what is another name for cross country racing?

Nordic skiing.

What does a cross country running eat?

I am currently in cross country, and I am a cross country runner. Cross country runners basically eats a lot of fruit to keep healthy. What matters most for cross country runners is keeping their urine clear.

Another name for cross country skiing beginning with N?

Nordic skiing.

What is the name of the sport that combines cross country skiing and rifle shooting?


Name a sport you win by having the lowest score?

Cross Country and golf

What is the most complete whole-body aerobic exercise?

Cross-country skiing

What is this dingbat xiranrun?

cross = x iran = country run = run lol cross country run

In eastenders what is Tanya Branning madian name?

Tanya Branning From Eastenders Played By Jo Joyner Madian name is Cross so her name before she Married Max Branning Was Tanya Cross

How long has cross country been around for?

Cross country running was started by the English in the 19th century. The name of the race was first called "the paper chase" and has been around for 200 years.

Cross country is to a skier as a what is to a runner?

cross country

What country was cross country formed?

Cross country running started in England

What is nordic sking?

"Nordic" is another name for cross-country skiing. The equivalent name for downhill skiing is "Alpine."

What is the name of the person who invented cross country skis?

how was the first pirsin to invent cross crontry. by casey

What is the name given to a huge distance run in athletics?

the answer is either a marthon or cross country.

What is the name of a long narrow footwear for snow travel?

That could be cross country skis.

What was the name of the people in Brazil before the country was colonized?

The people in Brazil before the country was colonized were of the Tupí-Guaraní cultures.

What is faster cross-country skiing or running?

Cross-country skiing.