What was the first paintball company?

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The first paintball gun to ever exist on this planet was the Nelspot 007. The funny thing was this marker wasn't made for the initial use of paintball, it was made for agricultural use. It wasn't until twelve players with Nelspot 007's discovered the wonder of "Paintball" and changed the world as we know it. At the time "Paintball" was known as "Survival," a game that was first written about in 1980 in get this... Sports Illustrated. But the first paintball gun to be used intended for the game of paintball was the NSG Splatmaster.

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Q: What was the first paintball company?
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Is paintball a public company?


What is paintball stock symbol?

"paintball" is not a company, therefore is not publicly traded.

Who invented the electronic paintball Gun?

George A Skogg invented a soft gelatin capsule containing a washable marking fluid. He worked for the company Nelson Paint Company. According to the website Paintball Mountain, paintball evolved from the paint pellet. An idea and implementation by Charels Nelson, co-founder of the Nelson Paint Company on behalf of the forestry industry to mark hard to reach tress with paint. The first gun to be used in paintball was the Splatmaster invented by Robert G Shepherd who was working for the Nelson Paint Company

Where is the best place to buy a paintball gun?

Anywhere that is an official paintball pro-shop. Maybe certified by Tippmann or any paintball company.

Who made the paint ball gun?

Nelson Paint Company made the first patented paintball guns in 1974.

What is a good name for a paintball company?

colour me dead

Who patented the paintball gun?

No one has a patent on the "paintball gun" several companies have patents on their valves and other parts, but no one company can paten "paintball guns"

What service or industry did 'smartparts' service?

The Smart Parts company specialized in paintball services and products. The company hasn't been active in years, but it owns an active company called Gog Paintball.

Where the paintball gun was invented?

Paintball guns were first designed to mark hard to reach trees for loggers. It was designed by Nelson Paint Company, and was used to service logging companies in the northeastern United States.

What was the first paintball gun ever made?

The first paintball gun was a pump gun. The year is unidentified.

Is Proto Paintball and Dye Paintball the same company?

Proto is a division of Dye, much like Chevrolet is a division of GM.

What company is the g4 paintball gun made by?

Dangerous Powers

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