Who patented the paintball gun?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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No one has a patent on the "paintball gun" several companies have patents on their valves and other parts, but no one company can paten "paintball guns"

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Q: Who patented the paintball gun?
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Who made the first paintball gun?

James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing, invented and patented the first paintball gun.

What is the purpose of a paintball gun?

The purpose of a paintball gun is to fire paintball pellets, to mark opponents in the game of paintball.

What are paintball markers?

A paintball marker is a paintball gun. It is just called a marker instead of a gun.

Can you hold a paintball gun on the street?

typically yes, but its a good idea to call the police jurisdiction in the area as ask them first, and make sure that at any point on your field a paintball can not be fired and reach a public area where anyone outside your game could be hit or their property. if near houses the police like you to go to the closest houses and ask the neighbors, this is also a nice to do so they know what all the noise is

Is a paintball gun dish washer safe?

No, do not expose your paintball gun to water.

Will a paintball gun kill a rabbit?

not often but in rare cases a luky shot might

Do you need license for paintball gun?

It depends on what you mean by "sell". If you mean put it on Ebay for trade, or on PBnation then no. you have every right to do so. If however, you mean to open a shop and sell goods then yes.

Did Ohio invent the paintball gun?

No. The state of Ohio did not invent the paintball gun.

What was the first paintball gun ever made?

Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel, and Bob Gurnsey played the first organized recorded game with people shooting paintballs at each other. There are stories of ranchers and forestry workers shooting them at each other, but none of the stories are verified.