What company is the g4 paintball gun made by?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Dangerous Powers

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Q: What company is the g4 paintball gun made by?
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Does the g4 paintball gun take co2?

No, you should only run the G4 on HPA.

What paintball gun is better g4 or invert mini?

I would have to say invert mini.I have one and nit has a bps of 20 and works great.

Is the g4 a good paintball gun?

Not saying it to be mean, but if you're asking a question like this, get yourself a semi-auto spyder. Lot less head-aches, trust me.

What is the best paintball gun that is less than 400 us dollars?

Do you mean woodsball or speedball? A proto matrix or a DP g4 for speed. a X7Phenom or tm7 otherwise.

What is a good paintball gun in the 200-325 dollar range?

depends on what you are looking for, if you are already using HPA and a forcefeed hopper I suggest taking a look at the proto rail, invert mini, DP E1 and DP G4

What is the best paintball gun for 300?

The Proto rail, DP G4 and Invert Mini are all around 300 dollars and will have almost exact performance. Try all three, whichever feels best in your hands should be the one you buy.

Dangerous power g4 or proto slg?

DP G4 is definetly the way to go. The proto slg can't shoot as fast, isn't as light, and has way too many problems. The G3 was an amazing gun and all they did with the g4 is fixed the few knicks with it and the G3 was a better gun than the SLG. Plus if you ever do have a problem with the G4 the customer service is amazing. I love my G4 get it now!

What is a 45 paintball frame?

It is a style of shape of frame that fits .45 grip panels. An Example of these are The Dangerous powers G3 and G4.

Is a invert mini paintball gun good?

It is a decent mid range electric marker. it is small and light, but some models have problems with the board, and changing modes is a pain. A g4 might be a good investment, or if your willing to upgrade, and axe (like the mini but better).

Is the dangerous g4 a good gun?

Be specific about "good" compared to what standards or other markers.

What channel is G4 in Winchester MA?

it all depends on your cable company that you have

Would you upgrade a smart parts ion or buy a dangerous power g4?

better off to buy a g4 the gun over all is better in every way the G4 is 1.79lbs on/off asa easy clip feed neck way better at shooting and there is a lot more