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Q: What was the first high school sport invented?
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How popular was basketball when it was first invented?

It started as just an indoor sport for the students at Springfield High School. When it became a professional sport it was the most popular sport at the time.

The first sport in height schools?

the first sport in high school is Football

Where was the ultimate frisbee sport invented?

Columbia High School in New Jersey

What was Harry Beckham's sport in high school?

Harry sport in high school was swimming.

Importence of high school sport?

It will prepare you for advanced stages of that sport if you pursue it after high school.

Is high school hockey considered a sport or a club?

High school hockey is a sport, not a club.

What is the 1 high school sport in the country?

West Monroe High School

What sport should an 11 year do if she will do that sport in high school?


Is high school wrestling a sport?

Yes, it is.

Who invented high school?


Is it hard to learn a new sport after high school?