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Q: What sport should an 11 year do if she will do that sport in high school?
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Can a 19 year old play high school sport?


Can a 5th year high school student do high school sports?

Yes because he is still in school and where i am from sport is a academic requirement

When does high school volleyball season start?

High school volleyball is a fall sport and usually begins about mid way through the school year.

What does lettering in a sport mean?

Lettering in a sport usually has to do with your High School years. If you letter in a sport that means that you played on the Varsity team and you remained on the team for that entire year. To letter you must play a varsity sport and usually at the end of the year most teams throw a banquet and your coach will hand you the initials of your school which is considered your letter, it is also what you put on letterman jackets in high school.

Should year 7 be moved to high school?

Yes year 7 should be moved to high school because they'd be more educated!

How many kids play high school football in the US?

For the 2012-2013 school year 1,088,158 high school athletes played football. Football is the top ranked participation high school sport in the United States.

Does North Sydney Girls High school have compulsory sport?

yes. Sport was terrible when i was there last year. It looks pretty good but it's HORRIBLE

Is it legal for a judge to put a 19 year old in jail for dropping out of high school?

this is why someone should stay in is dropping out of high school...and NO a 19 year old should be done with high school, and NO 18 is the age of majority so one does not need to further their education (they should if they can not spell the word dropping......

Activities for second year high school in mapeh?

it's all about pfstt(physical fitness and sport talent test

How much does a high school baseball coach make a year in Washington?

High school coaches make a typical teacher's salary, and work as teachers, and sometimes are provided extra to be the head coach of their sport.

Should you attend your 20th year high school reunion?


Where are the kids from the HBO show kindergarten?

These kids should be graduating from high school this year.

If you were born in 1973 which year should you finish high school?


Are you supposed to tell your school office in the beginning of the school year that for high school you want to go to a high school out of the district or at the end of the year?

That depends on your school district's policies. However, there is most likely a deadline to apply for permission to go to a different high school, so you should ask the school what the procedure is and what the deadlines are.

What is the second year of high school?

Sophomore year is the second year of high school.

Ok what year i started high school?

What year did i start high school from 1980

What year of school is the 13th year?

high school

Who is a sophomore in high school?

Their 10 th year of school their second year of high school

What year did you start high school if you graduated in 2005?

what year did i start high school if i graduated in class of 2005

Is eighth grade junior high school?

8th grade is the last year of Junior High School and of Elementary School. Its the year before going to four year of boring high school.

Should you worry about colleges in your freshman year of high school?

I think you should be worrying about Collages in your Sophomore Year of High School. But If you want to plan in your Freshman Year Even better! I also think if your planning your career now you should plan what classes you should take so you can get credits, but keep up the grades do sports and also volunteer work. They can get you scholarships!

Why should Student not work during high school year?

they should not work because they might become distracted and not do their school work. then if they don't do their work they will fail school and have to work at wendeys !!!

What year would you graduate if you were born in 1989?

Normally from high school in 2007.

What year did Mia Hamm start high school?

Mia started high school in the year of 1985 at Notre Dame Catholic High School.

Should the high school drop out age stay at 16 or be raised to 18?

Yes i believe it should be because it would emable the high school students to stay in school till atleast senior year so they could finish school and be able to have a better life.