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It will prepare you for advanced stages of that sport if you pursue it after high school.

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Q: Importence of high school sport
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What was Harry Beckham's sport in high school?

Harry sport in high school was swimming.

Is high school hockey considered a sport or a club?

High school hockey is a sport, not a club.

What is the 1 high school sport in the country?

West Monroe High School

Can you be in athletics in high school if you were not in junior high or will you not know what to do in high school athletics?

yes you can! high schools offer many many different sport opportunities for you that ANYBODY should take, regardless of any previous sport experiences. try any summer sport programs that the school may offer.

What sport should an 11 year do if she will do that sport in high school?


The first sport in height schools?

the first sport in high school is Football

What is the minimum age for high school sports?

as long as you are a student at the high school you can join whatever sport the school has to offer

Can martial arts be a high school sport?

With the right permission forums you can make it a pre-school sport. So yes

Is high school wrestling a sport?

Yes, it is.

Can a 5th year high school student do high school sports?

Yes because he is still in school and where i am from sport is a academic requirement

Are you forced to do a sport in high school?

No, schools will never force you to play any sport.

What is the name of all the sports in high school for girls?

The name of the sport in high school for girls is called cheerleader.

Is it hard to learn a new sport after high school?


What is the most popular high school sport?


What was the first high school sport invented?


What do you have to do in order to get a scholarship?

youmust have at least a 3.5 all through high school..or play a sport and excel at it youmust have at least a 3.5 all through high school..or play a sport and excel at it

Longest High School losing streak in any sport?

acradia high school. in arizona. they suck hella bad.

Do you get letterman jackets in high school only?

you may get a letterman jacket in high school and college when playing a varsity sport

Do you have to play high school sports to play college sports?

yes! offcourse... high school will lead you to college. that's where they can discover you.. Untrue. Every professional sport has athletes that did not play that sport in HS. The Phila Eagles have a Guard who did not play in High School.

When does high school volleyball season start?

High school volleyball is a fall sport and usually begins about mid way through the school year.

Is rowing crew considered a sport?

Rowing Crew is definitely considered a sport. It is a sport at the high school and even the collegiate level.

Why is sports important you school?

You can get scholarships for doing a awesome job In a sport in high school.

Why should Wrestling be the best sport?

Yes because they have it in high school and jr. high

Where did LeBron James attend high school?

LeBron James has attended school at St Vincent's - St Mary High School in Akron, Ohio. It is a school with a high focus on athletics and sport activities.

How can you get scouts to look at you in a high school sport?

Usually your high school coach can submit something to different colleges about your accomplishments that will get their attention.