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Q: What was CFL 2000 season schedule?
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When will the new 2010 season of the CFL begin?

The new CFL season will begin July 1st and end November 7th

When does the 2008 CFL season begin?

The CFL season begins in June and ends with the Grey Cup game, played in late November or early December.

When did the Ottawa Renegades of the Cfl fold?

At the end of the 2005 season

Which CFL team had the most wins this season?

Montreal, 15

When is the NFL pre season schedule announced?

When the regular season schedule is announced

Can a CFL player on the practice squad go to the NFL in the same season?

Generally, yes. However, there are rules regarding players being under contract to only one team. If a CFL player has an opportunity to play in the NFL, he first gets released from his CFL duties. Then, he signs an NFL contract. Dominique Dorsey recently missed the first half of the 2009 CFL season while he was signed with the Washington Redskins. They released him just before the season opener and he returned to his CFL team, the Toronto Argonauts.

What year was the CFL made?

The CFL was officially founded in 1958. I have a relatives that play in the CFL and the NFL. As a licensed IRS tax preparer, I am providing my clients with special treats this season. If you love football and if you want to get a maximized return quickly, allow me to prepare your taxes and gain some unique access to the CFL.

What football league had expansion teams in Baltimore Las Vegas and Shreveport for the 1994 season?


Will the Ottawa renagedes come back to the CFL?

I do not quite have a total answer if the Ottawa franchise is coming but I hope they do not come back because the schedule will be unbalanced

What is the total number of CFL games in a season?

every team plays 18 games each year

What was the 1982 Minnesota Twins Schedule?

Click on the '1982 Twins Schedule' to see the schedule and stats for the 1982 season.

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 schedule?

Click on the link below to see the full 2010 Steelers pre-season and regular season schedule.