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if ur looking for a sport that will give u stamina then u should try playing football, if not improve ur stamina by taking jogs or running track. Peace

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Q: What type of exercise or sport will give you the most stamina?
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What sport gives you the most exercise?

Swimming is a sport which gives you the most exercise. It uses your whole body just to get across to the other side of the pool. Sports like soccer, help build stamina. Swimming helps build muscle, and for younger children, helps with your height,. I think swimming is a great exercise for your overall body.

What is the sport which uses up the most stamina?

Swimming is the sport which uses up most stamina because you use your head, arms, shoulders, legs, and feet by Aran

What sport gives the most exercise?

track is the sport that gives you the most excersise.

Does sport make you tired?

Most it depends on which one you choose, and how much stamina you have got and also how long you do it for!

Why do you need stamina in skiing?

Skiing is an extreme sport. Some would called it Endurance Sport. This means that sports like skiing must have a great stamina to keep up with the extremity of the sports. Gliding terrains and slopes requires balance. Most especially, pressure and coldness in snow adds up. A weak stamina can't keep up.

What sport is the most whole-body aerobic exercise?


Fitness requirements for soccer?

Soccer is the most balanced team sport. Flexibility, stamina and strength are required in equal amounts.

How does soccer contribute to physical fitness?

It is the most stamina-intensive game, with only 3 substitutions allowed and running for 90 to 135 minutes per game, developing stamina and leg muscles like no other sport.

Is breakdancing a sport?

According to's definition of the word sport, breakdancing is a sport. It's most likely the best sport, since breakdancing tires people, builds up muscle, increases balance, increases stamina, and, most of all, impresses everyone if you're good at it. Breakdancing is possibly the only sport that can incorporate music.

Is breakdance a sport?

According to's definition of the word sport, breakdancing is a sport. It's most likely the best sport, since breakdancing tires people, builds up muscle, increases balance, increases stamina, and, most of all, impresses everyone if you're good at it. Breakdancing is possibly the only sport that can incorporate music.

Do you consider dance is an exercise?

Most definitely, and dance at the competition level could be considered a sport as well.

What animal has the least stamina?

The animal that has the least stamina is believed to be koala. The penguins on the other hand are believed to have the most stamina in terms of endurance.

What is athletic conditioning?

Conditioning by which you train (by exercise in most sports) individually, with a coach, a partner, or teammates for a certain sport.

How did lacrosse come about?

Lacrosse came about, in the 1400's. Indians created this sport, they would play for days, over many miles. They played this for exercise, for something to do other than be at war, and to see which Indian was the strongest. Since this sport is contact, you had to be very strong. If you were not strong enough, you would eventually be injured, or give up. There are nicknames for this sport, one of them being, the most common, lax.

What food restors the Most Stamina in Harvest moon DS?

Bodigizer XL restores the most stamina, while Turobjolt XL removes the most fatigue. Elli Grass is a good combination of both stamina and fatigue loss.

How does age effect your sport?

While you gain a lot of experience in your sport with age, but your physical stamina will tend to be lower than most young men if you are an outdoor sports person. Although in games, such as, chess or other board games, age does not affect the person's ability much.

Which are the most recommended Recumbent exercise bikes on market?

There are many recumbent exercise machines on the market, receiving outstanding reviews. One of the top recumbent exercise bikes on the market is the Schwinn 240. Three other recumbent bikes which have received top reviews and are highly recommended include Marcy ME 709, Stamina 5325, and the Schwinn Airdine.

Why is boxing the most physically demanding sport to play?

Boxing is no doubt a physically-demanding sport, requiring a wide range of skills, among them strength, stamina, timing and a high pain threshold. But the most physically demanding sport ever? My vote goes to multi-sport competitions such as the Olympic decathlon and the Ironman: in terms of the amount of training needed to successfully complete them, they far outweigh time-limit sports such as boxing and martial arts.

How does basketball help people exercise?

you have to run, rump, move back and forth, dribble, it's probably the most activating sport.

Horses can provide their owners with exercise true or false?

Sure they can, infact horse riding is a sport in which your core muscles are needed the most.

Is cheerleading the hardest sport in the world?

There is no true way to determine the "hardest" sport in the world. In terms of skill, cheerleading requires lots of strength, power, flexibility, and stamina. But so do many other sports. In terms of danger, cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports in terms of injury in the world

What skills are involved in cross-country skiing?

Cross - Country Skiing is really an all round sport. But you would need, most of all, Upper body strength, Balance, Good Stamina and lots of concentration.

Why do people like netball instead of any other sport?

Well netball is a sport and they proberly like it for the compotion and exercise. It also it a famous sport for eg the anz netball championship. Most countries play many sports including netball.They also might like it for friendship, exercise, compotion and to have fun.

What does stamina have to do with horses?

stamina is how long something can go, or last. a horse needs stamina to continously go or most often, run. such as in a long race a horse would need the stamina to keep running without getting terribly tired.

What is easiest but most effective exercise plan to lose weight?

The easiest but most effective exercise plan to lose weight is simply to move more. Choose an exercise or sport that appeals to you, something that you think would be fun or could perhaps do with friends. Jogging, swimming, bicycling, basketball, tennis and racquetball are all good alternatives.