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ping pong ball the holes in a ball with holes(whiffle ball) slow it down.

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Q: What travels farther a ping pong ball or a plastic ball with holes that is the same size?
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Why would a ping pong ball go farther with holes in it then with no holes?

They don't. The holes slow it down.

Does the size of a soccer ball effect the distance it will travel?

The bigger the ball, the farther it travels.

What travels farther a cold or a hot softball?

a hot softball travels faster. (Not considering your hand's reaction to the ball)

Can a ball go farther with a metal bat or a plastic bat?


What ball travels farther a hard ball or low impact ball and why?

the hard ball, because it maintains its aerodynamic shape more easily than a soft-ball.

What is Floor-ball ball made of?

The Floor-ball is composed of plastic and has holes constructed throughout the entire structure of it. The official ball is 72mm in diameter.

Does a soccer ball travel farther with more or less air pressure?

It travels further with more air pressure.

Why does a spiral travel further than a whobby ball?

A spiral travels farther because it doesn't have an unbalanced weight.

What hits farther wood baseball bat or metal?

Aluminum bats hit the ball farther. Every study that has been done on this issue has concluded that aluminum bats out perform wooden bats. The ball leaves the bat at a higher speed and travels farther.

What is whiffle ball?

It is a type of plastic ball. A "Whiffleball" has circular holes all over the circumference of the ball. Whereas a "Wiffleball" has eight holes placed equally on one side of the ball, allwing it to travel much further then a "Whiffleball".

Why do wiffle balls have holes in them?

Wiffle balls have holes in them to keep them from going miles and miles away when they are hit by a plastic wiffle ball bat. This can be proven by taping the holes of a wiffle ball closed with athletic tape. The open holes of the wiffle ball create more drag, reducing the balls trajectory.

What type of bat will make a ball go farther a wooden aluminum or plastic bat and why?

Aluminum because you can stuff it with newspaper and marbles.

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